Playoff Roster

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    Re: Playoff Roster

    In response to RedSoxFireman's comment:

    Where we really disagree is about Nava and Carp because I think both are essential in the postseason.  You forgot to mention Napoli's bad foot, which means it is entirely possible Nava and Carp will both start against a righty.  Plus Carp just might be our best pinch hitter against a lefty. 

    Bradley hits RHP for homers per AB more than Carp. The OPS sample size is too small, though Bradley and his high 700 OPS v RHP small sample leaves no doubt that he can slug well vs. RHP.  In the event that 2 Lefties start v RHP starter, makes more sense to start Nava at 1B and Bradley in corner OF slot. Carp's a lousy OF defender and isn't "comfortable" at 1B anymore than Nava is. 

    Your comment about Bradley not being a base stealing threat is designed to distract from the slow footed Carp. Bradley can do anything that Carp can do, and more. He is as or more dangerous as a pinch hitter vs. Righties than Carp. Bradley is a threat to steal, Carp is not. Bradley is an oustanding OF defender, Carp isn't. Nava's OPS v RP is only 10 points less than Carp. Nava's the better defender and his 19 games at 1B in 2013 isn't an issue when compared to the 29 games of Carp, regardless of how many career games Carp's played there. Neither one has any business playing over there unless Napoli gets hurt. It's a short series, and Napoli's condition can't be handled in the playoffs like the regular season. It's all in, now! 

    In reality, the post season puts a much bigger focus on defense than offense. Big mistake to go weak defensively just to get another lefty bat against a righty starter, when Bradley is as talented or more so than Carp when it comes to hitting RHP.

    Because of Carp's role during the regular season, the knee jerk is to claim he's an automatic on the post season roster. Quite clear he should not be.

    Quite clear that Carp is going to be on the ALDS, where I'm quite sure his limited talent exposes him defensively and he also fails to deliver from the bench, offensively.

    With Nava and Ellsbury's broken foot and the essential need for a designated pinch runner and 11 pitchers, no valid reason whatsoever to go with Carp over Bradley. None! 

    If the Sox keep 11 pitchers for the ALDS, no way does it make sense to keep Berry and Bradley, especially if either one replaces Carp.  Bradley is not a good threat to steal--he was caught stealing as often as he stole this year for Pawtucket.  Berry is a great threat to steal.  A week ago I would have argued for keeping Bradley because of his defense and apparent resurgence in hitting.  Now I lean toward Berry.  But never both, not with Ellsbury and Victorino both ready to play.  In case you have forgotten, those two have WAR's among the top eleven in the AL.  You also seem to forget that the Sox are now on five days hiatus, which can only help in the health department, plus they get days off after games 2 and 4 of the ALDS. 

    Where you strike out is thinking the choice has to come down to Berry and Bradley. While Bradley is gifted v. RP on the power and pop level. Berry isn't. Berry is nothing but an average defenisve corner OF"er.  Berry's role is purely the designated pinch runner base stealer in the playoff format. He's essential, because the bench has nothing on that front. 

    The choice comes down to Bradley vs. Carp, and Bradley is better than Carp at every phase of the game. Carp's no seasoned veteran, either. With Nava, no reason whatsoever to include Carp.

    If they decide to go with two lefty starters v. RP for 1st and corner OF, it should be Bradley and Nava, not Carp and Nava. This isn't the regular season, and OF defense will be at a premium! There is nothing Carp can do that Bradley can't do. Nothing.

    JBJ over Carp in every phase of the game?  Interesting.

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    Re: Playoff Roster

    The Sox can't afford to waste a roster spot on JBJ.  He's a liability.  If Ells goes down with injury then he can be called in as a replacement....but unless that happens...keep the the thus far underachieving prospect at home unless needed.  Not having Carp and Berry is just dumb.  Both serve a purpose....Carp in his pinch hitting and 1B experience as well as the OF and Berry because of his defense and speed.  JBJ doesn't hit in the clutch...or a curve ball for that matter and with Ells playing well again and relatively healthy having JBJ is just a waste of a spot.

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    Re: Playoff Roster

    In response to manosome's comment:

    In response to andrewmitch's comment:


    Well there goes Doubrant and maybe Thornton too........


    I hope i never see Doubront pitch for the SOX again. He truly sux.


    Totally agree. NEVER! I also am concerned about Taz appearing burnt out.

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    Re: Playoff Roster

    While how players have done recently is important, I feel too many posters want to jump ship after any player goes through a tough stretch.



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    Re: Playoff Roster

    Cant believe fans are looking at stats between JBJ and Carp.  Remember, Carp is one of the best PH in MLB this year.  We need a guy that have confidence to put the ball in play in the late innings pitching hitting.  JBJ have never experience it.  So you are all wanted to gamble to use JBJ as a PH over Carp in the post season?

    That is the same thing people wanted Bogaerts to get the starting job at the SS over Drew.

    Come on, Farrell isnt going to put all rookie guys on the field and let them to put a show for us.  They can do that next year!!  For now Farrell want all confidence and experience players on the roster!!

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    Re: Playoff Roster

    In response to RedSoxFireman's comment:

    2013 limited bench role matchup for Carp has skewed the reality of who he is as a slugging and hitting talent. Look at his career and you get a lumbering bench corner OF/1B platoon guy.

    Actually, I agree with that, especially when it is a good description of the Sox team as a whole--Ortiz, Napoli, Gomes, Nava, Salty, et al, none of them is a gazelle on the basepaths, but all are experienced ballplayers who have contributed to the Sox success this year.  And by success I mean the best offense in MLB by far and the 97 wins. 

    I like Bradley too, but facts are facts.  Carp has an OPS of .744 against lefties, which is higher than Bradley's OPS of .722 against righties, for crying out loud.  Carp's OPS of .904 against righties is of course much better than Bradley's OPS of .722.  And, for the capper, Bradley's OPS against lefties is an absymal .327. 

    Yes, Bradley is a much better outfielder than Carp, but the Sox already have Ellsbury and Victorino, both of whom are better fielders and hitters than Bradley.  Bradley can't play 1B, and that's where Carp sometimes goes.  Plus he is a way, way better pinch hitter than Bradley can hope to be in this postseason.   

    Don't get me wrong.  I like Bradley's potential.  But right now Carp, Nava, and Berry all have skills the Sox can use that Bradley does not have.  Berry is a much better baserunner.  Carp and Nava are much better hitters. 

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    Re: Playoff Roster

    Bradley's sample size is too small to mean anything, other than his HR per AB vs. RH pitching shows he's a far superior talent to Carp.

    Clown translation: JBJ's sample size is too small for any of us to use, but softy can cherry-pick an even smaller sample size (only ABs vs RHPs) and use it to his advantage.

    This is classic clown logic.


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    Re: Playoff Roster

    i have an idea.  while JF managed the team successfully throughout the year utilizing players a certain way and finishing with the best record in baseball while running away with the American League East title....let's scrap all that and not use what "got us here".

    forget Drew at SS cause softy doesnt think he's ready for that stage (ummmm....+.850 OPS in 12 PS games).

    forget Carp as PH because:  JBJ?!  are you kidding me?

    you are a JOKE.

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