Here are some potential scenarios for the Red Sox offseason:


1. Same approach as last year

Major Signings:

Napoli (2 yrs 28 mil)

McLouth (2 yrs 12 mil)

Alex Gonzalez (1 yr 3 mil)

Brian Wilson (2 yrs 12 mil)


Acquire Ryan Hanigan from Reds for a mid-level prospect

Trade Dempster to an NL team for a mid-level prospect or two


2. All-out (Screw last year)

Major Signings:

McCann (5 yrs 90 mil)

Drew (3 yrs 39 mil)

Morneau (2 yrs 26 mil)


Acquire Stanton from Marlins for Middlebrooks, Ranaudo, Bradley Jr., and a mid-level prospect.


3. Keep everyone at any cost and try again

Major Signings:

Napoli (3 yrs 39 mil)

Drew (3 yrs 45 mil)

Saltalamacchia (3 yrs 42 mil)




Personally, what I hope for is more or less the same approach to last year, but with some more major signings (like maybe McCann only). Thoughts?