Postseason roster

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    Postseason roster

    OK.  I think it's safe now to at least ponder


    Lester, Buchholz, Peavy, Lackey

    The only question here is Buch and assuming he has built himself up enough to go six in the postseason, he's in.  If he can't go five or six, he won't even be on the roster in the first round.  The order is up in the air, although I am guessing that Lester would probably start a game one.


    Closer.  Nothing to add here.

    Breslow, Tazawa, Dempster, Dubront

    Breslow is the setup lefty and will be used a lot.  Same with Tazawa on the right, if he can get his consistency back.  (perhaps some down time in the next couple of weeks would help).  Dempster is going to the bullpen and could be huge as a supplement to Tazawa.  Dubront will likely be there as well, unless Buch is starting, in which case he will be.  With him in the BP, that's another lefty for situations.



    Everything points to him being there.  Farrell seems to trust him.  Another righty setup in addition to Tazawa and Dempster

    That's 10.  The question will be whether they go with 11 or 12 pitchers.

    One or two of the three lefties

    Thornton, Morales, Britton

    My guess is that they likely would go with Thornton (they did trade for him), given his major league track record if they take just one.  Morales is probably next in line if they want 12 pitchers.  The only reason I hesitate on Britton is that he is a rookie (though that won't stop them from going with Workman).  Got 20 games to decide that.  With Doubront in the bullpen, they really don't need all three or even two.

    Outside possibility

    De la Rosa

    He is the injury replacement or if they choose to keep Buchholz out.  If he is on the roster, I doubt he gets used very much, but he is a possibility

    Position players


    Napoli, Pedroia, Drew, Middlebrooks, Gomes, Victorino, Ellsbury, Nava, Carp, Salty, Ross, Ortiz

    The versatility of many of them means they need less bodies. Carp, 1B/OF; Nava OF/1B; Middlebrooks 3B/2B



    Highly likely he'll be there, unless he really goes in the tank in September

    Possible if 11 pitchers


    He is the wild card.  If they feel his speed and defense will be a factor, he'll be there and that would mean 11 pitchers.  With Dempster and Doubront in the bullpen, they can afford that.  Berry will be running for any number of people late--probably anyone except Pedroia, Victorino, Ellsbury or Bogaerts.  With the versatility, they can afford to play that game.

    Outside possibility

    Lavarnway, McDonald

    If Ross is okay, then they don't need Lavarnway.  With Bogaerts as the utility and Middlebrooks able to play 2nd, they don't need McDonald right now

    There might be some surprises from Bradley, Beato, De la Torre, Webster, Holt, Snyder, but probably not.  of course they are all available if they are needed later in addition to the four or five on the bubble.



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    Re: Postseason roster

    I think you are more likely to see McDonald on the roster than Bogaerts (particularly if Middlebrooks continues to hit he ball hard), mostly because he is a middle infielder and by far better defensively.  If something happens tp Pedey, you need someone who can play second base (although let's be realistic, if something happens tp Pedey, the team is going nowhere anyway).  Middlebrooks has played what, 2 innings there in his life?  The playoffs are not the time to have guys totally out of position.  You saw what happens when guys are out of position with Nava last night on the Soriano pick off at first.


    Berry will be on the roster.  You don't need 12 pitchers in the postseason, so it leaves room for both a McDonald and a Berry.