1- pitchers pre-game preparation.starters giving up way to many first inning runs,then settling down afterwards.witness dicek last start.maybe they should keep warming up in bullpen until game is ready to start rather than sit 10-15 minutes in dugout.
2-conditioning,medical staff.they must have worst record in basball.yanks don't seem to have these problems.maybe,their just tougher.sox are wimps,medical staff has no clue or all of above.witness,carl crawford-waits until january for operation,comes back too soon in march,now another 4 months!!
3-remy and orsillo.a lot less bs on nothing to do with the game and a few more insights on why players are doing poorly or playing well.watch some other teams announcers and you'll see quickly the difference.these guys are just pimps for nesn and the sox.