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puig, carp et al

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    puig, carp et al

    Having just seen the Sox doispatch the "mighty Dodgers", I thought I'd do a little comapring, just for hahas


    Check out these numbers. 


    Carp 8 HR 31 RBI in 176 ABs   307/362/551

    Nava 10/56 in 370   292/379/430

    Victorino 11/49 in 394    292/379/430


    Puig 13/30 in 289   346/406/557

    Crawford 5/25 in 351   285/336/405

    Ethier 10/47  in 437  275/360/414

    Kemp  5/27 in 228   263/319/382


    Carp and Puig are interesting. they are basically the same in RBIs and Puig has a few more HRs, but he has also been up 113 more times.  Carp is perfectly fine to be a PH and sometimes starter.  Can we say the same for Puig.

    Nava/Crawford is interesting as well.  Roughly the same ABs and Nava has double the HRs and RBIs.  With Ethier, he has 60 less ABs and 9 more more RBIs.  Victorino is pretty much a wash with Ethier in 50 less ABs, but then come the intangibles.


    I know Kemo has been injured but with 228 ABs, he still has 50 more ABs than Carp, with slightly less HRs and RBIs.

    I won't even get into the salaries.

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    Re: puig, carp et al

    Your post just further illustrates the fine year that Nava has had for the Sox.

    Is he the most ignored part of this first place team's successes?

    And, talk about production per dollar of salary.