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Quality starts Red Sox starters....

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    Re: Quality starts Red Sox starters....

    What a difference a year makes.  How much credit do you guys give Farrell and the new pitching coach? 

    Bobby Valentine will be inducted into the NY Yankees Hall of Fame because of the damage he had done to the Red Sox in 2012.



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    Re: Quality starts Red Sox starters....

    Yesterday was a perfect encapsulization of strengths and weaknesses of the pitching staff.  Doubie was not spectacular, but left the game with a single run for the team to overcome.  He gave up 3 runs.  Very manageable.  But then Frankin came unhinged and walked the entire West Coast.  (Dunno why they didn't pull him earlier, but with a 2nd game coming up in hours ... maybe he was the sacrificial lamb to save the pen a bit.)  OK, not a long start, so the pen was called in again.  (Don't we think that the FO and Farrell, et al, have factored in the need to cover these long runs for the pen????) But Doubie wasn't terrible ... no matter what one thinks.  He wasn't good but not terrible.


    Then Clay comes in for game 2 and closes down the powerful lineup of the LAAs.  If not for getting hit in the hand and/or making a tryout clip for the US gymnastics team at first base -  Clay may well have had a complete game. 


    And the pen holds the Angels ...


    Decent to great starting, decent to somewhat weak pen.  

       Oh yeah, Franklin is coming back from a medical thingy that has held him out until this last week or so ...   so maybe Franklin gets a pass for now. 



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    Re: Quality starts Red Sox starters....

    In response to makonikyman's comment:

    In response to moonslav59's comment:


    In 9 of Doubrants 10 starts he has given up 3 runs or less.

    He's given up 6 runs in 2 of his first 10 starts.



    The facts are case you don't know them, is that he has given up 3 or  fewer runs in 9...count them moon, NINE...out his TEN starts.

    I stand corrected. The other 6 runs game was in relief. You are right.

    Keeping his team and giving his team a chance to win in NINETY PERCENT...of his starts. As a 5th starter.

    I'm not so sure 3 ER in 5 IP is all that great, but your point is very well taken.


    Making 500k a year. And you....being the armchair GM that you think you are want to trade him because you read a report from someone in spring training 2 yrs ago that he came to camp OUT OF SHAPE...

    He was out of shape 2 years ago and this year as well. Yes, it was in several reports, and I could see it with my own eyes. You can deny it happened all you want, but to me it is a warning sign that he has motivational or attitude issues. You may call me stubborn, but at 54 years old, I have noticed that people do not change who they are at such an advanced age too often.

    I dont know Doubrant from a hole in the wall, but I have read you numerous times ( at least 20 since last fall) ridicule him for whatever reasons you have, and throw up his whip, and being out of shape, and who really cares if his H+BB didn't improve..?

    I care. WHIP is not a stat I whipped up to bash Doubie over the head with. I have consistently used that stat on equal footing with ERA since before Doubie was born. I like the stat as an indicator of how good a pitcher is. One of many stats. I was expecting Doubront to improve in this area. It's a small sample size this year, but he's at a terrible number so far (1.614). His career mark is 1.510.

    The bottom line is he's our 5th starter these last 2 yrs who's done a very solid job. He was not our teams problem last year, and so far this year he hasn't been either. He doesn't need me to defend himself against the likes of low life's like you, he's doing a pretty good job of that himself...get a life.

    I'm a low life because I am not high on Doubront?

    What is your life all about to say something like this?

    And no...he hasn't given up 6 runs in 2 of his 10 starts, he did one time, the other was in relief of Webster after he blew up....get your facts straight...

    Shoot me. I'm a low life.


    I have never said Doubront has done a terrible job as our 5th starter. I'm fine with trading Dempster for someone better as well. My point is that by the end of summer we will be desperate for a SP. I may be wrong, but it's how it has been every year since our last ring. If you think there is no SP available that is better than Doubront, that's your right. I believe otherwise.