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    Jim I keep them and do the youth thing. Thats just me and I have advocated that since winter. I did not like the Drew signing, time to move to the future. i will take my lumps when I am wrong. I will take a Mark B at shortstop any day of the year. Ask those great Balimore teams how much he meant.

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    If JBJ or Inglsias does what Pedroia did (.182)in April do you keep them up?

    Are they made of the same material as Pedroia????

    Or are they like so many more who never live up to the potential?

    Just remember how many wanted DP out of the lineup back in April 2007


      Knowing what we know about Pedroia's history I would say yes !!!!  With each game, anything that Iggy & Bradley can do to point to a win will go along way..... Bradley is here to stay, while IGGY needs to be "sharp" to hold off Drew !!!!


    Good post !!!! No politics and you made your point without  degrading any redsox !!!! My day has been made !!!!

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