In Response to QUESTION: for would be general managers:
Back in the day, 1960 to be exact, Rocky Colavito, easily Cleveland fans' favorite, was traded by Indians general manager Frank ‘Trader’ Lane for 1959 batting title winner Harvey Kuenn of the Tigers. It remains one of the more controversial trades of modern baseball times. Now, in today's game the elements for trades are a bit more complicated, not the least of which are contractual obligations and salary considerations, with fan favorites and team ties negated to the back burner. So here is my two-part question. a) If you were in Cashman’s shoes, would you, before the trading deadline, trade Granderson for Ellsbury and Doubront? b) If you were in Epstein’s shoes, would you, before the trading deadline, trade Ellsbury and Doubront for Granderson? Validity of responses will be measured by intelligent input based on factual data. Game on!
Posted by dustcover

I always felt a healthy Jacoby Ellsbury would some day be as good or better than Johnny Damon.  I like the heart Granderson brings to the table and the power he posses but Jacoby stays.  Our biggest problem right now is a position any number of our youngsters can take over which is RF.  Granderson hasn't' hit as well with runners in scoring position, bases loaded or in Fenway park just to name a few dislikes.  Doubront wouldn't even be part of the deal because I feel Jacoby is cheaper/better than Granderson at almost everything but power.