Ranaudo takes over top Sox pitching prospect?

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    Re: Ranaudo takes over top Sox pitching prospect?

    A big test for him if he gets promoted, more Former Major league hitters in Triple AAA. I see the Pirates promoted Cole to the Parent Club. Ranaudo I'm pretty sure was in the same Draft Class. He's still in Double AA.
    Just still cautious. Know more when he gets to Triple AAA.

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    Re: Ranaudo takes over top Sox pitching prospect?

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    Ranaudo tied Jon Lesters record last night for most K's in Portland SeaDogs franchise history with 13. A promotion is coming soon. He has nothing left to prove in AA. Hes a year behind schedule because of the injuries over the last year or so, so this is no surprise to some of us. Good for him and maybe we will see him in Boston sooner, rather than later.




    You're right, he did lose some time due to injuries but I also believe that being 6'7" might also have a bit to do with lagging behind a bit. He's 5 mos older than Webster, and 9 mos older than Barnes, so we ll see what happens the 2nd half of the yr when he's pitching right beside Webster in the pawt rotation. At 6'7", and the fact that he seems to be putting it together sure is exciting news for sox fans..


    With guys like Ranaudo, Webster, RDLR, Barnes, Workman, Britton, Owens all coming through Boston over the next couple years is without a doubt going to be exciting to see. Not all of them will make it, but that group of kids have a very good chance to have some level of success in MLB. To what level, is the exciting part. Ranaudo is looking very impressive.

    Webster had rough start last time out, but in the 5 prior games has averaged 5.2IP with 4H & 2 runs or less. Owens has looked very impressive this year with one bad game all year. Hes throwing mostly 5IP, with a couple 6IP games. Very good for a 20yr old. He should see a promotion this year with Workman and probably Ranaudo soon departing. Barnes is adjusting to AA and his secondary stuff is starting to come around. He can still his high 90's late in games, which is very encouraging. Workman looked geat in AA and had a very good 1st start in AAA. He looks to be a good middle/Back OTR pitcher in the bigs.

    By the years end we could see a rotation in AAA with Webster, RDLR, Workman, and Ranaudo in it. THAT is extremely encouraging to see 4 prospects that are just about ready for their shot. Guys on our staff better step it up because the "kids" are getting ready to kick the door in.

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    Re: Ranaudo takes over top Sox pitching prospect?

    A little off topic here but, for the Older Sox Fans, Sox Drafted Clemens from Texas, he won College WS. Then went to Minors, dominated  games in Single A. Called up to Pitch Championship Game in Double AA New Britain, do or die.
    Went to game place was packed, he Pitched a 3 hit shutout, K' 13 batters. Sox won the Title.
    Clemens did this all in the same year, now thats dominance.
    Next year Triple AAA, and then Boston.
    Can still hear the ball hitting Catchers Mitt. Just wanted to share some good memories.