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Rays/Sox at Fenway X 4

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    Rays/Sox at Fenway X 4

    For the AL East lead, for now anyway.  Strangely enough, the Sox rotation has the edge in ERA in games 2, 3, and 4 but not tonight with Workman going against Moore, a lefty who has been tough at 13-3 and 3.44.  Rays are red hot--sweeping the Jays at Toronto and before that having a good homestand,which is why they are 2d and 1.5 games out.  Sox had a good homestand, but went 5-5 on the west coast and then took 2 of 3 at Fenway from the depleted Yankees (who neverthless keep finding ways to win). 

    Right now the Rays have remarkably good hitting and predictably good pitching, their starters' ERA's not withstanding.  The Sox have even better hitting and OK pitching and, one would hope, home field advantage.

    Wimp that I am, I see a split.  I would give the Sox even less credit, but in the Yankees series they beat two pretty decent lefties, Pettitte and Sabathia,  even though lefties have been tough on the Sox this year.  The Rays will use two lefties, Moore tonight and Price on Wednesday against Doubront. 

    Baltimore, meanwhile, is at Kansas City for four.  Go, Royals!

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    Re: Rays/Sox at Fenway X 4

    sox take 3 of 4.