This was a comment in a forum in Toronto by donkeyboy to the article below. This article has a nice assortment of comments that might help us see why JF might want to depart and what the asking price might be.


This story about Farrell was contrived by a Boston sports writer who came up with a theory about what may be transpiring between the Sox and Jays in regards to Farrell. The headline on Sportsnet's site read "Report: Jays won't stand in Farrell's way!" The writer was sure to make the story sound as if it had some basis in fact, though, there were no sources and he used terms such as "I believe," and "I think." The story was a complete fabrication and whose only source was an over active imagination, but was written in hopes of eliciting a response in Toronto,, one that could influence the Jays into moving Farrell to Boston. It worked! Sportsnet ran the story as if it was true and this is where we are now.

Sportsnet displayed a complete lack of ethics in running this story on air even though, not a word of it was true and it was all conjecture on the part of the author. No part of this entire story came from anyone working for either organization. Sensationalism runs rampant on the internet and unless people read these articles, they will react to sensationalized headlines. Why Sportsnet ran this story as if it was the truth, I can only speculate? When you have ownership of the Jays in control of the media, a conflict of interest becomes evident. I believe that this fictional story has been a welcome diversion for the Jays, with fans wrapped up in a completely bogus story, they are not focused on the disaster that is the current Toronto Blue Jays!