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Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    2011 Mock Draft 3.0 - Cole's Number One
    This story originally published on
    Cole's the man for Pittsburgh.
    Cole's the man for Pittsburgh.
    National Baseball Expert
    Posted Jun 5, 2011

    The MLB Draft is on Monday and things are really getting interesting. The rumor mill is working overtime and teams narrowing their options in the first round. 


    Pittsburgh Pirates
    ANALYSIS: The Pirates reportedly have settled on the hard-throwing UCLA righty. I’m not prepared to rule out Danny Hultzen in this spot but we do have the beginnings of some clarity at number one.



    Seattle Mariners
    ANALYSIS: Francisco Lindor reportedly impressed in a private workout, but Rendon still looks like the overwhelming frontrunner in this spot. Danny Hultzen could surprise here but it appears Seattle wants bats.



    Arizona Diamondbacks
    ANALYSIS: It’s a true three-horse race at number three, but sources indicate that ultimately Arizona wants a college arm and it will take either Trevor Bauer or Hultzen over Dylan Bundy. Neither of these three names would be a surprise here but Hultzen has led the pack since the beginning.



    Baltimore Orioles
    ANALYSIS: It’s been no secret how much the O’s covet Dylan Bundy. Anthony Rendon has a shot to still be available here, however, and it will be interesting to see if that influences their decision. Ultimately they view the high-schooler Bundy, like many teams do, as being on par with a college pitcher and don't see him as much of a gamble.



    Kansas City Royals
    ANALYSIS: Kansas City had been laying in the weeds for Anthony Rendon or Gerrit Cole and would jump at the chance to take either one. Rendon still has a chance to slide but it looks like Kansas City will either take a college arm like Bauer or perhaps Bubba Starling. The information out there about KC ruling out Bauer because of his throwing program is not true. They would gladly take him here.



    Washington Nationals
    ANALYSIS: Bubba Starling is Washington’s guy. If he’s still here, seemingly regardless of the scenario, this looks like the direction they’re headed in, particularly given their working history with Scott Boras.



    Arizona Diamondbacks
    ANALYSIS: The industry has had a tough time getting a handle on what Arizona has in mind for this pick. Logic says they’ll be leaning towards someone signable. Matt Barnes leads their wish list but their dream scenario is getting another crack at Trevor Bauer. Javier Baez, Francisco Lindor, Sonny Gray, and even Archie Bradley are in play here.



    Cleveland Indians
    ANALYSIS: Plenty of rumors have been out there about Cleveland, but ultimately I bank on them sticking to the game plan and taking a college arm. Sonny Gray and Jed Bradley have topped their list for awhile now.



    Chicago Cubs
    ANALYSIS: The Cubs may not even be settled on their top choice yet. Archie Bradley rumors persist, and with their top pick, Bradley may be their man. They wanted a bat, but Bradley would be difficult to resist.



    San Diego Padres
    ANALYSIS: Chicago might pass on Springer, but late word on Saturday night was that the Padres wouldn’t. While they love Cory Spangenberg, they might like Springer just a little more in this spot. Sonny Gray, Francisco Lindor, Javier Baez, and, of course, Spangenberg are all possibilities here.



    Houston Astros
    ANALYSIS: Rumors swirled on Saturday about Houston considering Stanford lefty Chris Reed in this spot. Word is they are locked into taking a college lefty so if they took Reed it would probably be because Bradley is off the board. Again, they may not take him but it is a fact that Reed is under consideration at the very least. It’s also too soon to rule out Taylor Jungmann here either, or Sonny Gray if he’s still around. Archie Bradley rumors persist and he could be an option as well.



    Milwaukee Brewers
    ANALYSIS: Milwaukee has been linked to a boatload of names, and Baez sits near the top. They’ll wait on taking an arm most likely with their next pick. Taylor Jungmann is also high on their list, as is Francisco Lindor.



    New York Mets
    ANALYSIS: The Mets would love a crack at Sonny Gray, but that seems unrealistic. Otherwise, it’s as close as it gets to a lock that the Mets will take take either Jungmann or Jed Bradley, whoever is still available. And it seems very likely that at least one of them will be. If both are available, Jungmann is their preference. No team is on the Texas righty more than New York.



    Florida Marlins
    ANALYSIS: With the Mets clearly leaning toward college pitching, the Marlins could go after the LSU outfielder. Levi Michael and Cory Spangenberg are also options, but it appears the Marlins prefer Mahtook at this point.



    Milwaukee Brewers
    ANALYSIS: This seems like a possible floor for Guerrieri. If he slides further, it won’t take long for someone to pop him. I expect them to stick with the prep side on this pick unless Mikie Mahtook or someone like Taylor Jungmann somehow remain on the board.



    Los Angeles Dodgers
    ANALYSIS: Stephenson is projectable and has outstanding present stuff. And, best of all for Los Angeles, he’s going to be affordable. This connection continues to grow stronger as the draft approaches.



    Los Angeles Angels
    ANALYSIS: The Angels are banking on one of the top prep players falling into their lap. And it’s pretty safe to say one of them will. Lindor may go much higher than this, but it’s also as far as he’ll fall. The Angels would not pass him up.



    Oakland Athletics
    ANALYSIS: Spangenberg still gets mentioned all over the first round. He still may go as high as 10 to the Padres. Oakland appears poised to take the best bat available and he would appear to be that in this spot.



    Boston Red Sox
    ANALYSIS: I’d be shocked to see Swihart’s signability questions knock him out of the first round. He’s one of the elite talents in the class, and Boston is a club potentially willing to pay him what he wants.



    Colorado Rockies
    ANALYSIS: The rumors have been that Colorado prefers bats and that seems accurate according to most sources. In this scenario, Wong and Levi Michael are the best collegiate bats on the board.



    Toronto Blue Jays
    ANALYSIS: The Blue Jays are considering all options. They may consider a prep arm like Norris, or one of the signability question marks. Ultimately I expect them to go with a bat. That bat could even be Josh Bell.



    St. Louis Cardinals
    ANALYSIS: St. Louis has been all over Henry Owens. They’ve given looks to Larry Greene and a surprising number of prep arms. They love Owens’ projection, but of late they are starting to believe Norris will still be available. If he’s here it seems they prefer Norris to Owens.



    Washington Nationals
    ANALYSIS: There’s been consistent buzz about Meyer and the Nats. Taking him sixth is a bit risky and picking him here would be much more logical.



    Tampa Bay Rays
    ANALYSIS: Tampa Bay is very likely to grab a prep arm with this pick and they could have a number of options besides Ross, including Taylor Guerrieri, Jose Fernandez, and others. They are ruling nothing out with all of their picks.



    San Diego Padres
    ANALYSIS: San Diego is not likely to get their second crack at Javier Baez. They still look to be leaning towards a college player with this pick and Susac is someone they covet, in spite of his injury this spring. Henry Owens is one of the prep arms that San Diego really likes as well.



    Boston Red Sox
    ANALYSIS: Recently sources have had the Red Sox all over Nimmo. Surprisingly he is finding a number of takers for his supposed high price tag, with Boston leading that charge. Josh Bell, as well as a number of other high-price tag players, will be in play in this spot.



    Cincinnati Reds
    ANALYSIS: Cincinnati’s scouting department had a large presence at the ACC tournament, and primarily were checking out Gilmartin and Levi Michael. In this scenario, Michael will be off the board. That scenario is looking much more likely as the UNC standout has a number of takers from the Mets and Marlins on down through the teens and 20s. They like signable and they like college arms. Gilmartin was solid in the ACC tournament and may have put himself atop their list.



    Atlanta Braves
    ANALYSIS: Word is that Atlanta would prefer to take the best high school arm that falls into their lap. In this case, that arm is Owens. Joe Ross, Michael Kelly, Robert Stephenson, Jose Fernandez could all be in play here. When we’re talking about the Braves, we also can’t rule out Georgia natives Dwight Smith Jr., Julius Gaines, or Larry Greene. Prep lefty Kevin Matthews has gotten interest from the Braves as well, but that’s a big stretch for the first round.



    San Francisco Giants
    ANALYSIS: This one makes a ton of sense on a lot of levels. Osich is a power lefty, and the Giants had high-ranking scouts in attendance for his no-hitter at UCLA. They will let things play out and likely take the best arm available here.



    Minnesota Twins
    ANALYSIS: The Twins are open to just about anything in this spot, but aren’t likely to go over slot. There is plenty available for a reasonable price, and they’ve been high on Anderson throughout the spring.



    Tampa Bay Rays
    ANALYSIS: Tampa is going to do their best to get a diverse crop from this huge haul of picks. Goodwin fits their profile well, as he’s a good athlete with a big upside. Just about every prep name out there has been associated with the Rays as well.



    Tampa Bay Rays
    ANALYSIS: Somewhere amongst all these Rays’ picks they are going to cut some deals. This could happen with Daniel Vogelbach, a burly, powerful left-handed high school hitter. The Rays love the bat, despite his bad body, and according to sources would grab him in the right scenario at this spot.



    Texas Rangers
    ANALYSIS: Harrison fits everything the Rangers’ scouting department is about. He’s big, strong and athletic. And of late he’s been on the rise on many boards. Texas doesn’t have a short list here because, quite frankly, there’s no way to predict what will be available.


    Frankies latest mock draft
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    I like Josh bell myself..Hoping hes still there mid-late 1st round or supplemental..Its a deep draft..Sox should be able grab a couple solid prospects out of the bunch..
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    I've seen the Sox get Taylor Jungmann in mock drafts. 

    I dio think thye draft Matt Purke either 19th or (more likely) supplemental.  The Sox have shown that they are not scared off from prime talent with injury histories, sucgh as Renaudo.

    I can also see Purke returning for his junior year at TCU and re-entering a less talented draft class if he does not get the $$$ he wants.  (I think he still has that option, but I am not sure.)
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    i hope we get kolten wong..solid player.
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    I don't think they draft Purke either, unless it's way down in level 7 or 8. He's hurt worst than Ranaudo IMO. Tons of upside though. 
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    This is what Keith Law's mock has for Sox picks:

    Jed Bradley, LHP, Georgia Tech

    I'm hearing they're focused on several high-dollar players, all of whom will be available when they pick at No. 26 (and maybe later), so they might go with a higher-probability player first then switch to upside with one guy already in the bank.


    Josh Bell, OF, Dallas Jesuit Prep

    They may try to nab Bell in the sandwich round, but either way rumors linking Bell to Boston and/or Detroit won't die, even with his letter telling teams not to draft him because he's going to play college ball at Texas. I've also heard Boston is looking at two top high school catchers, Blake Swihart and Austin Hedges, but it probably doesn't have to take either one in the first round.


    He has Lawrence Academy pitching prospect Tyler Beede going  to Tampa Bay at #32

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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    How about drafting and developing a decent slugging RH Of'er!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    I keep hearing Josh Bell discussions. It is risky but it gives us a chance to draft possibly the best talent in the entire draft. I still think they go with a college starter with the first pick though. NWIH they pick Bell at 19 IMO.

    Article and video on Josh Bell:

    I doubt if they take him in the first round but I think they might with their second pick. He looks like a Tampa Bay type player but will they fork out $5-$6 mil on a guy who may not work out at all? Bell is still risky. He looks like a Vlady Guerrero type player to me, with that same sort of leg action we see in Bryce Harper's swing.

    Will they pick a catcher in their 1st 4 picks for once. That's what I'm wondering.
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    "How about drafting and developing a decent slugging RH Of'er!!!!!!!!!!"

    They're currently trying to develop Bryce Brentz (a supp. 1st round pick last yr) and Brandon Jacobs but what do you really know about the Sox system anyway.  You're a troubled individual that would prefer to post 100 times a day about Lowrie and Ellsbury to draw attention to yourself.
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox


    The Red Sox have four of the first 40 picks in Monday nights first round of the Major League Baseball draft. In the first round they pick at No. 19 and No. 26. In the sandwich round they have overall picks No. 36 and No. 40.

    General manager Theo Epstein knows how hard it is to evaluate talent for the draft. “You are looking at 17-18 year old kids in high school who are off playing against very poor competition and trying to predict what they are going to look like, pitch like, and what they are going to be as people 10 years later when they are 27 years old,” he said.

    “It’s just a fascinating process just getting to know the kids and getting a feel for projection of what you are looking for in high school and college kids and for what works and doesn’t work in the draft. Again, nine out of 10 of these kids don’t make it.”

    Below is a look at who some of the top experts and websites are predicting the Red Sox will select on Monday night.

    No. 19 (for Victor Martinez)- Baseball America: Josh Bell (OF, Dallas Jesuit HS, Texas), Blake Swihart ( C, Cleveland HS, New Mexico), Sox Prospects: Alex Meyer (RHP, Kentucky), Prospect Junkies: Alex Meyer (RHP, Kentucky), Jed Bradley (LHP, Georgia Tech), Daniel Norris (LHP, Science Hill, Tennessee).

    No. 26 (for Adrian Beltre)- Baseball America: Austin Hedges (C, JSerra HS), Andrew Susac (C, Oregon State), Sox Prospects: Josh Bell (OF, Dallas Jesuit HS, Texas), Prospect Junkies: Blake Swihart (C, Cleveland HS, New Mexico), Tyler Beede (RHP, Lawrence Academy, Massachusetts), Tyler Beede (RHP, Lawrence Academy, Massachusetts).

    No. 36 (for Martinez)- Sox Prospects: Dillon Maples (RHP, Pinecrest HS, North Carolina), Blake Swihart (C, Cleveland HS, New Mexico), Austin Hedges (C, JSerra HS, California).

    No 40 (for Beltre)- Sox Prospects: Blake Swihart (C, Cleveland HS, New Mexico), Grayson Garvin (LHP, Vanderbilt), Anthony Meo (RHP, Coastal Carolina).

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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    Also from

    The Red Sox have been hard at work scouting and working out prospects in preparation for next weeks Major League Baseball draft. Here is a list of a few of the players the Sox have worked out and could possibly be drafted by the team next week:

    - Jordan Kutzer (RHP, Pasadena Poly, CA): Has a baseball scholarship to Stanford. His fastball tops out at 91 MPH. The 6-foot-6 right-hander is 5-1 with a  2.46 ERA this season and has 61 strikeouts. He has also worked out for the Rays, Blue Jays and Phillies. Kutzer is also a solid hitter. He batted .455, 5 home runs and had 26 RBIs during his senior season.

    - Matt Barnes (RHP, UConn): Theo Epstein attended a game in which Barnes pitched in May. Epstein actually held the radar gun himself when the right-hander was on the mound. J.P. Ricciardi of the Mets was also in attendance. On the year, Barnes is 11-4 with a 1.62 ERA. He has 111 strikeouts in 116 2/3 innings. UConn is currently playing in the NCAA Regionals at Clemson.

    - Josh Bell (OF, Jesuit, TX): Epstein attended one of Bell’s games in May and was seen streaming the Red Sox-Tigers game on his iPad. Bell has become accustomed to having major league scouts watch him play as 20 or 30 scouts have generally been in attendance at his games.  Bell blasted a 400-foot home run to centerfield in his last at-bat of the game Epstein attended. Asked about the blast Epstein said, “If you like home runs to straight-away center field….”

    Tyler Beede (RHP, Lawrence Academy, MA): Three years ago Beede started working out with working with Eric Cressey, president and co-founder of Cressey Performance. During his time there Beede has worked out with former major league pitcher Curt Schilling and current Kansas City Royals reliever Tim Collins, who is from Worcester. Both are clients of Cressey. An Auburn, MA native, Beede’s fastball tops out at 93 MPH and he committed to Vanderbilt in 2009, but has not ruled out turning professional.

    - Charlie Tilson (OF, New Trier, IL): The Illinois Baseball Player of the Year has reportedly been in contact with the Red Sox. The outfielder has signed a letter of intent to play at the University of Illinois, but will have to weigh his options if he were to be selected.

    - Johnny Eierman (SS, Warsaw, MO): Eierman was featured on the cover of ESPN Rise magazine (Missouri edition) as one of the states best players. He is planning on playing at LSU next year, but has not ruled out turning professional. The Yankees, Rays, White Sox, Cubs and Royals are also said to have interest in Eierman.

    - Shon Carson (OF, Lake City, SC): The two-sport athlete has talked to nearly every major league team and has worked out with the Red Sox, Rangers, Royals and Dodgers. He has already signed  to play both baseball and football at the University of South Carolina. Turning pro would force Carson to give up football, but he would be willing to do it. “It depends if they give me enough money to give up football, then I will do it,” Carson said.

    - Joe Serrano (INF, Tucson, AZ): Serrano hit .541 (59-of-106), belted 11 home runs and set state records with 69 RBIs and 26 doubles. He has signed to play for the University of Arkansas, but could opt to turn professional. He also has received interest from the Astros, Yankees, White Sox, and Reds.

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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    I really hope we pick up a good arm in this draft....a lefty preferably.  Lackey in the rotation scares the hell out of me...I had already written off a rare Lackey W as an "L" for yesterday's game.  Then there's mid-relief. It's nice that we stole Acevez away from the Bronx...but there's too much doubt ...and too little in the way of consistency and game-winning effectiveness.  

    Other draft notes: I also don't trust Salty......and obviously neither does Beckett. Pick up someone like Swihart and have Tek start grooming him.

    GO SOX!!!
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    I like the idea of drafting one of the top rated catchers: either Swihart, Hedges or Susac. Give them the time to develop.  Meanwhile, a lot of the college pitchers could help out sooner rather than later as they're supposedly a deep crop this year.
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    TERRIFIC stuff Mojo. I value your prospect reports a lot. You obviously are in on this stuff and I'm standing here in envy! DPapiOrtiz...great stuff also. I love Mike Andrews reports also. He's the best.

    I trust the Baseball America projections as much as any. Bell at #19. Wow! That's a tough call. Supposed tough sign. Was there a conversation we are not aware of? Theo meets him. Sees a HR in his last AB. Downplays the meeting. The very next day Bell says he doesn't want to be drafted because he wants to go to the Univ. of Texas. Sounds fishy to me!

    Conventional wisdom says Boston gets a solid college arm at #19. I tend to agree. I could see the Sox taking Bell at 26 though but he is so raw it is risky as heck. Sawdeye is a numbers guy and to me, the numbers say take college guys in the early rounds ( generally ) and roll the dice more with HS guys after the first day. That was the Sox approach last year and I bet they continue it.

    Maybe Swihart in a supplemental and here is a wild and crazy one at their last supplemental pick. Purke. His shoulder is hurt but he's a top 5 talent. It probably is a worse situation than the Ranaudo call but this is a guy who was so confident in his ability that he turned down a $6 mil offer after HS. Left handed pitcher with great stuff. I guess it depends on the medical charts and will he take a lesser offer or go back to school again to establish his value. Crazy projection! Call me's OK!

    I don't even want to venture a guess but the above projections are all crazy. I'll just come out and admit it. They almost never draft a catcher in the top 4 rounds. Purke is major damaged goods and conventional wisdom says he drops to the 2nd round at least. He may well be a tough sign also. Crazy projection. Bell says unequivically that he wants to go to college. Crazy projection! The only one I think is likely is the college pitcher in the 1st round and another in the Supplemental. But I'm going with crazy anyway:

    #19 - Meyer
    #26 - Bell
    #36 - Swihart
    #40 - Purke

    It is so hard to pick and even I don't think any of the above are likey. I'd trade all of them right now for chance to draft Bubba Starling! ( just kidding guys! For the most part! Cool )
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    From WEEI:
    Will the Red Sox renew their courtship of one who got away in ’08 draft?

    Back in 2008, the Red Sox considered their negotiations with Alex Meyer exciting for the sheer fact that they had no idea what the outcome would be. The team had taken the giant right-hander with a pick in the 20th round, viewing him as the ultimate wild card.

    The team felt confident that it would be able to land first-round pick Casey Kelly. As the signing deadline approached, the club also reached a point where it believed that outfielder Ryan Westmoreland — whom it viewed as one of the top 10 players in the 2008 draft class — would also pass on his scholarship offer at Vanderbilt to begin a pro career with the team he’d spent his life rooting for.

    But most teams viewed Meyer as completely unsignable, considering his commitment to the University of Kentucky to be iron clad. Based on where they were able to select him – a place where they hadn’t expected the then-18-year-old to be available – the Sox were willing to take a shot on a player who was being advised by Scott Boras.

    At the time, Meyer screamed projectability. At 6-foot-7, we showed an ability to command a sinking mid-90s fastball and a hammer curve that made him one of the more impressive high school pitching prospects that year. Baseball America tabbed him as the No. 5 prospect coming out of high school in 2008.

    Meyer hailed from a small town in Southeast Indiana. He was named the state’s Mr. Baseball as a senior, when he went 8-0 with a 0.95 ERA and 108 strikeouts in 51 innings. He had power stuff, though he remained raw (as evidenced by his 30 walks that year).

    Still, the potential was tantalizing. Meyer looked like a pitcher who would be a project, requiring time to develop consistent mechanics given his size, but the potential upside was obvious.

    Meyer and Boras recognized the pitcher’s standing in the draft class. Shortly after the draft, the Sox were told that it would take $4 million for the right-hander to sign.

    For most of the rest of the summer, the Sox had little to no contact with him. He met the Sox when they played the Reds in Cincinnati that summer, getting escorted around the clubhouse by then-Assistant GM Jed Hoyer. But there wasn’t much contact after that.

    The Sox became pessimistic about the odds of signing Meyer when Kentucky pitching coach Gary Henderson (who had recruited Meyer) was promoted to head baseball coach that summer. That, the Sox expected, would likely seal the deal on convincing Meyer to head to college.

    Still, the club decided to take its shot. Days before the Aug. 15 signing deadline, the Sox sent Hoyer aboard owner John Henry‘s private jet to Meyer’s doorstep in Indiana; GM Theo Epstein and scouting director Jason McLeod remained in phone contact with the pitcher’s family. The Sox let the right-hander know that they were willing to pay as much as $2 million to get him to turn pro.

    But Meyer never got on the plane to head back to Boston with them for a physical. Without one, there wasn’t going to be a deal.

    Meyer ended up going to Kentucky, and it took him a while to get his bearings in SEC play, particularly since he had to work to gain control over his mechanics as he continued to grow (he is now listed at 6-foot-9). As a freshman, he ranked sixth in college with 12.1 strikeouts per nine innings, going 1-4 with a 5.73 ERA. As a sophomore, he hit 100 mph at times, though he again struggled (5-3, 7.06) during a year when he was slammed by mononucleosis.

    This year, as a junior, he was able to harness his abilities in a more consistent fashion. He went 7-5 with a 2.94 ERA, striking out 110 in 101 innings. Though his walks total were a bit high (4.1 per 9 innings), he held opponents to a .222 average and allowed just two homers all year, despite being in one of the tougher college conferences around. He worked in the mid-90s, and showed a swing-and-miss slider.

    In many respects, Meyer remains on the same developmental path that he was on when the Sox tried to sign him away from Kentucky. His upside remains that of a top-of-the-rotation starter, and he’s a projected first-rounder in this year’s draft.

    Indeed, the 21-year-old is on the Sox’ radar as a player whom they might draft anew. Many mock drafts speculate that he could be a Boston target again with one of its two first-round picks (No. 19 and No. 26 overall).

    Meyer has made himself eligible to be re-drafted by the Sox (players almost never exercise the power to veto being re-drafted by a club that selected them before; indeed, it has never happened for the Sox under Epstein). Moreover, the team would certainly consider a player whom it liked a great deal in the past, and who now represents a pitcher whose experience more nearly approximates the raw skills that had the Sox prepared to spend mid-first-round money on him.

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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    Would be nice if Barnes dropped to RS, don't see it happening, even though he did have bad outing other day in NCAA's. Bell sounds like a RS type pick, trying to scare off small market teams by saying he won't sign to fall to LG market team who will give him big signing bonus. Not sure RS go after Mahtook with his high strikeout rate even though he has power and good athlete. But as usual it will be about the pitching and there are a lot of good power arms in this draft and RS will surely grab at least 2 w/ their 1st 4 picks. Wouldn't be surprised to see RS take a HS player with at least one of the top 40 picks, they will be more willing to gamble having the 4 picks and gamble on playeer w/ a lot of upside. Sometimes they don't work J.Place, sometimes they do J.Lester.

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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    Matt Barnes it is!
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    Wow! Great stuff guys! I must admit: I do ot keep up on this stuff, but it sounds like Barnes was a good choice!
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    The Sox seem to like those fresh arms! Barnes was definitely in the mix after they visited him 1-2 weeks ago. Big arm, 97 mph with some touch. See interview below:

    Thought they might go with Meyer. Maybe a hair more potential but Barnes more of a sure bet.
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    What made Barnes fall so much?

    Some had him top 10.
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    He is a solid, safe pick with reasonable signing demands. Fits the Sox style for their #1.

    Moon, I think there was just so much pitching talent in this draft that he dropped. 

    We just lost Meyer to the Nationals, who are quietly amassing some unbelievable talent in the minors.

    Really wanted Meyer. 100 mph guy. 6'9" with downward plane action. Tremendous potential. Ranaudo with better stuff potentially. Still growing into his body though. 
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    is Barnes a projected starter or middle relief guy?
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox

    Catcher Blake Swihart selected with the Sox second 1st rd pick.
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    Re: Red Sox Draft Preview: Players Linked to the Sox