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Red Sox Fan Questions

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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions

    I became a Red Sox fan when I was 8 years old (1966) when my family moved to Massachusetts from Maryland and have been a fan since.I've always had an avid,if not sometimes rabid,intrest in the Sox.Although I root for all 4 of Boston's major sports teams (Sox,Patriots,Celtics and Bruins) baseball was and still is my favorite sport.I enjoy the game,and while I always prefer the Sox win,I'm not going to abandon them when they lose.

     Believe me,as most Sox fans will know,since 1966 I've suffered through the lows and celebrated the highs.The highs are MUCH better.,

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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions


    I became a fan in 1975 after seeing replays of the famous Carlton Fisk HR. The excitement, all the fans cheering, the team and fans mobbing him coming around the bases. I was hooked from that time on. I dont think I understood the pain of being a Sox fan until 1986. Whether they win lose, or make deals i agree with or not,  I will always voice my honest opinion, but will always remain a fan.


    Overall, I just have a passion for the game of baseball, with The Red Sox being MY team. I loved all the numbers and stats, although im still an old school type. Baseball is a thinking mans game IMO. So many different things can happen depending on the situation which is constantly changing. Reading the box scores was my favorite thing to do first thing in the morning. Nowadays with all the internet and technology, that thrill is gone. But then again, Im not a kid anymore either. With all the new numbers it has become a little more interesting, although I dont agree with some of the "new stats". Bottom line is I just still love this team, its history and passion it brings to this city and always will.

    I think my interest grew even more in the 90's when I became a producer for a couple sports radio talk shows. Talking to the actual players, Managers, play by play guys, owners, and GM's made it that much more interesting to me, knowing a lot of what goes on behind closed doors. How some of them think and just learning more about the game from the people involved at the highest level made me appreciate what they do on a year round basis...


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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions

    Born in Boston (1940, Fort Banks, now gone), but left six months later with mom for Fort Knox to rejoin dad.    I remember checking Sox box scores in the summer of 1949 in the overseas Stars & Stripes, but I became a real fan in the summers of 1953 and 1954 when we lived in West Springfield (while my dad was in Korea) and I could listen to Sox games every day with Curt Gowdy calling them.  When we moved away, I sort of followed the Sox but not much whenever I was overseas.  Two things converted me to rabid fanhood:  1) Henry regime and real effort to field good teams every year, to say nothing of two WS; 2) MLB package on cable so I could watch all the games here in Virginia, only now I watch them on  

    Now I'm pretty much hooked, which is insane because I watch almost every game.  I've been to Fenway twice in my life, both within the last 3 years, and can say categorically it is much better on TV than in person.  Horrible sight lines.  Still, I'm glad I saw the place up close.  Boston is a great city to visit.  Boston also has a heckuva history--part of the warp and woof of American history.  Philly too, but I don't like Philly except for Independence Hall, which is fantastic.  

    Truthfully, the only historic Sox player I remember well is Ted Williams.   And Jimmy Piersall.   I missed '67 and Yaz because of RVN.  Missed Clemens.  Saw a little of Pedro, enough to convince me he was the real deal. 

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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions


    How, my dad was a RS fan in a family of 9 brothers who rooted for NYY I was also born into it

    Why, I bleed Red Sox red

    Is your interest level as keen, today, as it was in the past? 

    Yes yet it is different more balanced.

    If not, what year or years would you say your interest level peaked? 

    It has not peaked  but around the same time I stopped playing semi fast softball (early 40's) I realized to properly enjoy baseball you need to be objective and better understand much more than just today's results. I don't hate the NYY like I did when I was younger. I have a great respect for them and all MLB teams. I understand IMHO what players go through on a daily basis. That an 0 for 5 game is just one game and not the end. And a 5 for 5 is not the end as well. MLB is ebbs and flows for teams and players. Keeping an even keel is utmost.

    And if it has declined, why has it declined? Not declined just different as stated

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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions

    My grandmother got me into Red grandmother loved the Sox, she dated a player way back before she met my grandfather. I used to take her to the games back in the 80', I'd pick her up at the nursing home and off we'd go. She loved Fenway Park. She was well into her late 70's when we'd still catch a game together.

    My first game at Fenway was courtesy of my Uncle, it was THE Carlton Fisk game.... I still recall sitting in the right field grandstand. It was also my first time at a live sporting event so everything was so exciting. I was just a kid, so it was a long day I remember.

    I have always followed the Sox, my interest would fade from time to time....but I would always do my best to get to Fenway for a game or two each year. When my kids were young I could only afford to take one at a time to a game each year. We did luck out one time where we were given tickets and we all got to go. I have so many fond memories of Fenway....and lots of great pictures. Even if you aren't a big baseball fan, Fenway is such a great experience. 

    Having a son that is now a sportswriter, I find my interest level is high again. Following the Sox and baseball through his eyes is something special.

    Being a sports fan in Boston, whether it is baseball, hockey, football or basketball sure is a lot of fun. So is the banter in these forums.

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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions

    Grew up in Oxford, Connecticut and became a fan in 1967 (I was 8 that summer). Don't remember how, maybe the car radio was tuned to WTIC. I do remember listening to them on our annual trip to the Cape that summer.


    I listened to tons of games from all over back in those days. 50,000 watt clear channels were great. The Phillies on WCAU, the Orioles on WBAL, the Pirates on KDKA, the Indians on WWWE, the Tigers on WJR. Once in a great while, you could even get the Cardinals on KMOX out of St. Louis if the weather conditions were right. Never listened to the NY stations much, even though they were only 90 miles away.

    Not as crazy about it as I once was.  Age has a way of doing that.   Interest remains because I love baseball and the Red Sox are a link to my native area.  Same with the Pats and the Bruins (never rooted for the Celtics, but then I haven't watched a complete NBA game since 1991 or therabouts, just not a big fan of pro pumpkin chucking).

    I'm sending my youngest off to college this fall; after 16 years of youth baseball, youth basketball, high school football, wrestling, cross country and track, it will be interesting to see how I feed my sports addiction.

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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions

    In response to mryazz's comment:

    if any other poster had asked how i became a SOX fan, i would be more than happy to answer. i wouldn't give ms softy the correct time of day nor would i pee on him if he was on fire.


    How did you become a sox fan mryazz?

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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions

    Growing up on the north shore it just gets transcibed into your DNA. The first words I learned from my dad were "wait til next year". Unfortunately he passed a few years prior to the 2004 enlightenment.

    Still remember my first trip to fenway, a field trip in elementary school, seeing my favorite player Rico- It beat the heck outa Bensons animal farm that year. Later years hopped the blue line to green line as much as possible. The only down side was 2 stolen cars from wonderland, but still worth it.(lol as ice cream would say)

    Lost track of the sox during my army years- late 80s and much of 90s ,as i was all over the place, but thanks to Al Gore's invention found this site when I got back and try to keep up as much as free time will allow.


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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions

    In response to Bill-806's comment:

    In response to softlaw2's comment:


    Bill and South, it's great and interesting to get a personal background on the Red Sox interest history. Bill, you and I became interested about the same time, 1967, except that I was terrible in little league and dreamed of being the batboy for the Red Sox;)


    SOFTY,  You would have been a good one......  Howevaa, you are better suited to be the  G M & MANAGER at the same time !!!!   A throw back to Joe Cronin !!!!


    Not to nitpick bill, but Cronin was never GM and manager at the same time. He was a player-manager, but Eddie Collins was the GM when he was manager. When Collins stepped down, Cronin moved from manager to GM.

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