Red Sox Fan Questions

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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions


    I don't regret the time he played here.  I don't usually judge players on what they do off the field.  There were things that Boggs did in this club which were hard to forget.

    I don't even think about it anymore but the op asked a question.  When Boggs calls into a local station now, I hit the mute button.


    What happened to mellow?

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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions

    Like about half the Red Sox fans, it started in 1967.  I don't remener if I got a Yaz glove because I was a fan, or if I became a Yaz fan because of the glove.  It was the best glove I ever had.  I remember walking over to White Plains Road with my dad.  We didn't have much money, but he made sure I had a glove.  After that, I tried to emulate his swing, much to my coaches' chagrin, but I still maintain you can start your swing anywhere.

    Of course, where I differ from most RS fans is that I was born about a mile from Yankee Stadium.

    And my interest has not abated since 1967.

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    Re: Red Sox Fan Questions

    In response to softlaw2's comment:


    How did you become a Red Sox fan?

    Why are you still a Red Sox fan?

    Is your interest level as keen, today, as it was in the past?  If not, what year or years would you say your interest level peaked?  And if it has declined, why has it declined?

    I look forward to the responses of all of my dear Red Sox freinds.

    Best Wishes,




    Interesting Softlaw,


    #1 Originally a Cardinal and Sox fan until I was 8, while my dad was a die hard Sox guy.  We saw our share of games together on the tube and at Fenway.  1967 was obviously my favorite year back then.

    #2 Being from CT. my father finally convinced me and I never looked back.  Very hard not to like guys like Brock, Gibson, Flood, Shannon and company back in the day.  Ted Simmons was also one of my favorite players even after I became a Sox fan.  My friend wouldn't shut up about Johnny Bench so we had some interesting conversations/arguments :)

    #3 When I was 9/10 I could probably list every starting player/stats from any team without looking at the newspaper.  Theres much more than baseball in my life these days so although I may be more knowledgeable about the entire game it doesn't run my life like it did as a kid.

    With that said, I'm now 54 and have always been passionate about the Sox.  So much so I went to work for NESN years ago and get to see them even more.  However my family comes before worrying about how the Sox will do the next game.