Red Sox have lack of depth in the infield..

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    Re: Red Sox have lack of depth in the infield..

    In response to LR3683paw's comment:


    Go back and track the thread Moonslav and get back to me. You are a logical and reasonable man. Where did I ruin the thread? I do have a right to defend myself. Why have you suddenly become a forum pessimist, everyone wants to know?


    A better question might be why was I so optimistic the last 5 years (projecting 93-95+ wins every year) despite me saying we needed a top starting pitcher all along?


    I'm a realist not a pessimist.

    I don't need to go back and track anything. You have been ruining threads for weeks, and maybe longer, if you are the guy many here say you have been under different names.

    You rarely talk baseball. You try to run off knowlegeable non Sox fan posters who make valuable contributions to baseball debate and offer a valauble alternate view of our Sox.

    Your major contribution here is mostly cut and paste threads.

    I have asked you to try and post 10 straight baseball only posts. I'm not sure you made it past 1 or 2. You bash others for being trolls, Sox haters, foils, or worse, but you offer nothing of substance. 

    You bash posters for enabling posters like softy, but can't you see that all you do is bash posters for bashing posters or for agreeing with other posters you despise. How is that any better than what you criticize?

    Hypocracy is very annoying, and maybe that is why nearly every poster wants you out of here.

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    Re: Red Sox have lack of depth in the infield..

    forget the reserve infielders...i'm terrified of our starting crew...anyone who says Pedroia has had isolated/meaningless/unlucky injuries is simply in denial..he plays hard like Larry Bird and like Bird I predict he will be a shell of his great self by 33...WM? Total Wild is Napoli...Drew I have no hope for (maybe he can surprise me like Aviles/Scutaro) our Outfielders? Ellsbury I love but he has been as delicate throughout his career as JD (worse even)  Shane im hoping relives some glory days and Gomes???? Salty I like best as a player/person but only because he plays hard and is totally likeable...


    Is this the team ben thinks will compete with Toronto, the Yanks, Baltimore, and TB?

    Holy Shith!


    Then again with such low expectations, there is no need to stress over a bad season...but man that looks bleak..