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This is bad news. The Sox will lose 80 games next year. Larry and Ben must go! They are conservative, lack vision, and don't know how to rebuild the club. Both must be fired, with Ben becoming Asst. GM, where he can do a good job. With a new CEO and GM, the Sox will have a chance of rebuilding. As is, we'll have losing seasons in 2013 and 2014. Sad lack of leadership at the top!

They havent even started to "rebuild" the club...Jeeez...How do you know they cant do it? Theres nothing you have to back up that blob of negativity...

getting rid of 250mm was just the beginning and a pretty amazing deal for the Sox. shedding 250mm AND getting 4 prospects as well as a fill-in for Gonzo til the end of they year. +1

Now the manager is in place without having to give up a top prospect or player (Mike Aviles) as was the thought from everyone involved. They showed they could get creative and send them Aviles, and the rumor is the Sox will take Adam Lind and the 5mm he is owed for 2013 along with a 2mm buyout. Thats using the extra $$ they have wisely IMO.  No big names leaving. +1

If LL can run baseball operations, which hes good at, and Let BC be the GM, then I think we should get a feel of how BC is as a GM.

The $$ is there, unlike last year. I think BC will surprise a few folks here.

What does the metric system have to do with this? How can shedding millimeters help?