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Red Sox in Trouble for Game 3

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    Re: Red Sox in Trouble for Game 3

    In response to RedSoxFireman's comment:

    Ortiz, Middlebrooks and Nava and Lavarnway are the only Red Sox players with good numbers against Verlander. Bogaerts has never face him, so please get the embarrassing Stephen Drew on the bench, his 2012 and 2013 playoff numbers are disgraceful. 

    Ryan Lavarnway isn't on the roster, and neither is Bradley. Mike Carp is batting zero against Verlander, with a .167 OPS. Maybe fake an accident and look for a playoff roster change loophole. 

    Lineup needs to be:

    Ellsbury CF  .587 OPS (Please play the game like Hunter and give some effort on the field)

    Nava LF      1.167 OPS

    Ortiz DH    1.174 OPS  2 Homers

    Middlebrooks 3B  1.000 OPS

    Pedroia 2B   .161 OPS   1 for 18 with 1 BB v. Verlander

    Napoli 1B    .753 OPS

    Bogaerts  SS No history v. Verlander

    Salty   C      .267 OPS

    Shane RF    .000 OPS in 6 PA v. Verlander


    Manager John won't do it this way. He'll knee jerk Pedroia and Shane into 2 and 3, move Middlebrooks way down, and start the great fall legend, Stephen Drew. 

    Here are some numbers vs. Red Sox payroll ACE, John Lackey:

    Austin Jackson CF  .875 OPS 

    Tori Hunter RF  .707 OPS   2 Homers against big John

    Miguel Cabrera  3B   1.051 OPS 1 homer against big John the grinder and gutty starter

    Prince Fielder 1B   1.111 OPS 

    Victor Martinez  DH .928 OPS

    Andy Dirks  1.300 OPS

    Jose Iglesias 1.000 OPS

    Alex Avila C  .222 OPS

    Omar Infante .624 OPS


    I don't like these matchups for Game 3, unlike the Game 2 matchups that I liked much better for the Red Sox. 


    What I find funny is when I was calling to sign Hunter a year ago, you called him a washed up old man who was nothing more than a PT player, 4th OF profile, should retire and all that. I believe you called him a racist too. Now your singing his praises about how he plays the game to attempt to make Ells look bad?

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    Re: Red Sox in Trouble for Game 3

         We all know that Verlander is one of the best pitchers in the game. At this point, you can throw out the stats. It is high stakes, high pressure , post season baseball. It is all about who handles it better and who steps up to make the difference. That will determine the winner. That and a little luck. If any of us knew how to consistently predict these things, we would have it made. Don't pretend otherwise.  These things can go either way. It often comes down to one play, one decision , one call. A game of inches. Sox have found a way to win all year. Why stop here ? 

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    Re: Red Sox in Trouble for Game 3

    In response to RedSoxFireman's comment:

    I laughed at the Rays, after Moonslav trumpeted how "scary they were". 

    But I'm worried about the Red Sox and the Game 3 matchups. 

    More prescient commentary by the Stiff One!  My 8 yr. old nephew can tell you that Detroit, with their PITCHING is scary as hell.


    You gave the Sox "ZERO" shot in the post season since Spring Training.  You've been wrong about 99% of everything to do with this team & all the players.  Now you're calling for them to fall short of winning the WS in a pathetic bid for one correct call, given a 75% probability of being right.  Ooooooh!  Gutsy call their little man.....


    So why would any self-respecting Sox fan give a rats rear end what you think about the series?  Please crawl back in your hole!   ;)


    Ah what the heck!  It's kind of fun having you back  :)