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Red Sox reason for success

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    Red Sox reason for success

    Yes they have players who go into slumps and pitchers gave bad games. Other teams go and win 10 or more in a row. 

    Yet no team has maintained the consistency that this team has so far in this season.

    Rays go on a 12 of 13 streak and still are 2.5 behind. detroit is on an 10+ streak and still do not have the record our team does.

    despite all the griping about certain players striking out a lot or not pitching well...this team has thrived on players being consistent. Yes some pick up the slack like Drew lately but it has been the consistency across the board that has put this team where they are.

    i'm enjoying this season as much and probably more than any other probably because of the expectations in ST.

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    Re: Red Sox reason for success

    Great points, Jim. Think about it, who has greatly exceeded expectations this year?

    Maybe Carp, though he has only 180 PAs.

    Iggy with only 234 PAs before being traded.




    Yes, some have done a little better than expected, many have done worse than expected or hoped for (Napoli, Dempster, Middlebrooks, Lester, Bailey and maybe Victorino), but as a team, we have picked each other up and held pretty steady all year long.

    We have 10 players with over 180 PAs and a .760 OPS. ( 9 are over .779.).

    We average scoring more runs away than home.

    We have only one season long batting order slot below .799 (9th at .686).


    Detroit scores almost a full run more at home vs away and also has just one slot below .700, but they just added Iggy to their line-up and have 2 other slots below .718.