RED SOX vs Pats

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    With the exception of Harrison and Dillon all the other guys were DRAFT picks. Wilfolk, Samuels, Willie, Law, Seymour Bruschi, I consider Vrabel a smart player not great player pick up who was used to maximize his abilities.

    The Pats in FA have gone after smart and good not great players most of the time. The supposed GREAT players they did get were not what was hyped with the exceptions as you noted.

    The RS have kept thier draft picks and are grooming them. Unlike football Baseball can do that. 

    The guys the RS picked up are smart and good not great players with whom you know exactly what you are going to get year in and year out.

    I stand by the fact that good hardworking players that both the Pats have and now RS have signed are the reasons why they are better and winning  teams.

    BTW the reason the Pats have not won the SB is not because of lack of players but IMHO due to two very lucky plays by the NYG. Just my opionion


    Agree overall. I'd add that if Gronk was healthy that would have helped too along with Welker catching that pass.


    To put down the Pats like Drewski did for making it sound like they've gone off the track since winning their third Super Bowl is a bit unfair because they've remained an elite team year after year and have been to two Super Bowls since then.

    I do agree with Drewski about the myth that the Pats won w/o stars. That bothered me when that was talked about during the first Super Bowl win. Players he mentioned were stars back then. Of course, it's the players that win.

    However, I think it's weak when fans use the "Belichick is too arrogant and that's why they haven't won anymore Super Bowls" line. So what is Belichick supposed to do. Run things the way fans think he should or how others do things. That's ridiculous. He has the way he wants to do things and is confident in what he does. Right or wrong, that's how you have to run things. Being confident in how you do things isn't arrogant. Never quite understood that.

    It wasn't Belichick who says the Patriots win because of the "Patriot Way." It's the brain-dead sychophants who say that. Belichick doesn't run things any different now than at the beginning of his tenure. He always traded around to amass draft picks but he also went after impact players in the draft when he's had high picks -- Seymour, Mayo. He always took chances with troubled stars -- Dillon, Moss, Haynesworth, Ochocinco. Sometimes they worked out, sometimes they didn't.




    Its not about coaching, its about GMing.  Since Piolli left whoever occupies our GM seat is nothing more than a yes man.  Bill is the real GM.  And Im sick of being under talented at D and under the cap.  For goodness sake, spend some money!  How many years now have we been weak in the secondary?  Weak in the pass rush?

    I have no issues w Bills coaching.  I have an issue w him always trading down (except for this year, this year it made sense to), never going after expensive free agents, never making trades.  He dumpster dives for free agents, never picks in the first round.

    To think that you can build a championship calibur team based on fourth round draft picks and retreads is arrogant.  Again, nothing to do w his coaching, everything to do w his GM skills.

    And the reason why we remain elite even though he fails every year to bring in top level talent wears #12. 

    How many dollars are we under the cap right now?


    Listen, kid, I don't even know where to begin but you have so many facts wrong, it's not even funny.


    BB has ALWAYS BEEN THE GM HERE.  All you're doing is regurgitating the anti-BB rhetoric you hear on the radio waves via Felger and Mazz, ESPN, and whoever else knows they can make money off of slamming.

    Right from the horse's mouth from Pioli:

    "Bill called all the shots"

    I go by primary sources, not speculation or lies as a way to frame a premise by the media.

    BB is the head coach and GM.  Pioli, or now Caserio's role is more of an administrator type role in the infrastructure.  BB was and is always the GM.   They hired Floyd Reese

    A big reason why the 2008 and 2009 drafts didn't turn out so well (even though they aren't as bad as people claim) is because Dimitrioff left in 2008 (lead scout) and Pioli in 2009 (Dir, players personnel). Any GM that loses a lead scout and then a long time right hand like Pioli, that's bound to hurt the chemistry within the infrastructure.

    So, BB makes all the calls, but if you don't the chain of command here, you don't have a freaking clue.

    Not a clue.

    When BB brought in Floyd Reese in 2009, he was brought in to help groom Caserio.  Now, he's gone and Caserio is handling both contract type stuff and the Pioli role for BB.

    But, make no mistake BB has called all the shots and with Reese and Caserio in here since 2009 working together, there is a reason (partially) why the drafts have basically been As across the board since 2010.

    Even the UDFAs they brought in in those years have helped in some way.

    You're clueless!

    Next, there was a lockout with unknown CBA paramaters after 2011, so he WISELY locked up Brady, Mankins, Wilfork and Mayo, he had dealt Seymour in 2009 (now he has Nate Solder, arguably the best LT in the AFC - genius move), and he loaded up on picks in the 2010, 2011 and 2012 drafts.

    The fact you actually buy the logic of "he thinks he can means you sound JUST like Tony Mazz on 98.5 and are a moron like he is.

    How does that feel?

    Basically, what you wanted was what Jets just did which was toss draft picks left and right, overpay for FAs letting the market dictate to you and trade UP for absolute draft busts while handing them 50 million bucks. This is what you want? That's your approach? 

    BB does not "dumpster dive" for FAs either. Getting Waters, Anderson and Carter off the lockout in 2011 was utter genius and a big reason why they go to the SB.  If Carter doesn't get hurt in Week 15 in Denver, we porbably win the SB, but I suppose you want to blame BB for Carter getting hurt, too, right?

    I cannot stand dopey fans like you. You're easily led, clueless, lack IQ and would be Josef Goebbels wet dream if you lived Germany 80 years ago.

    Get your facts, do homework and then form an opinion. Don't be ignorant and be led by agenda driven morons like Tony Mazz/Felger/gasper or someone from ESPN who make money off of bashing BB and making off of dingleberries like you.




    Hey pal -- ease up. I agree with many of your points and disagree with some of Drewski's points concerning Belichick and the Pats. But he's one of the better posters on this board and deserves a lot more respect than you're showing.


    You know -- it's all right to have an opposing view w/o coming across like a complete jerk.


    It is flat out insulting to my (and anyone's inteligence) to suggest BB hasn't been brilliant because anti-media heads who get paid to slam BB and drop in this rhetoric in the press.


    THAT is what's being a jerk.

    And, I am tired of it. This little ESPN induced business model that the Globe here has adopted it with Tony Mazz and 98.5.  That approach makes them money, but it's downright scary it has brainwashed basically half of the Pats fanbase to the point, those clowns have NO IDEA how incredible BB has been and how historical this is.

    Brady and Welker choke in the 4th qtr of SB 46, so that's on BB?   No way. Absolutely not.

    Look at Drewski. Totaly corrupted and brainwashed into thinking he's right, when he's been factually incorrect about everything he said.




    You will not even listen to my points.  You are being too black/white. 

    I am not saying Bill isnt a genious.  Im just saying that a philosophy alone will not get you far.  You need the players.  I dont see why I have to keep repeating this.  All you are doing is repeating the same insults.

    There isnt a coach in the world who can win without the playoffs.

    The media does not give enough credit to the playoffs.  Ty Law , Willi McGinest + others were awesome.  I was arguing with Jim that the Patriots have been great because of some kind of philosophy that causes them to go after good,not great players.  I was arguing that you need great players.

    Then you came in, out of nowhere, with insult after insult, telling me I am some kind of Bill basher.  Im not a Bill basher.  I just think that Law, Harrison, McGinest, Dillon do not get enough credit.

    I think that you are seeing the argument that you want to see in my posts because that is the debate that you want to have.  But it aint me, man.

    The only knock on Bill that I have is that I think he;s had so much success getting the most out of the players that he does have and finding players in late picks that he's a bit too quick to trade down and doesnt think he needs to retain players that he should retain.

    He traded down w/ Chris Gamble on the board.  Letting Ty go was a mistake.  Hes the best coach ever, sure...And Im not saying the league is littered with better GMs either....Im just saying that hes had a hard time replacing the players that left.  ANyone would, they were great players.





    Chris Gamble?  Oh my. Oh no!  BB didn't pick Chris Gamble!  The horror!

    You called BB "arrogant" for trading back. You said it!  Now, you're trying to backpedal away from what you said above?  I took you on here because everything you wrote was patently false or regurgitated Tony Mazzesque rhetoric. You sound just like him.

    Tony Mazz: "BB wants to trade back or pick lower profile prospects to show everyone just how smart he is".

    Do you have any idea how arrogant you or MAzz sound saying that? You think BB is just toying with draft picks just because?  You're insane. Tony Mazz and you.

    Also, genius is spelled "genius". Ironic you're trying to lecture me and nitpick BB's incredible cap era approach that other franchises try to copy and you can't spell genius correctly.

    Law and McGinest were better players when BB coached them up and when BB added those FAs in 2001 and 2003:


    Bryan Cox

    Anthony Pleasant

    Bobby Hamilton

    Mike Vrabel

    Terrell Buckley

    Mike Compton

    Roman Phifer


    Rodney Harrison

    Ted Washignton



    Who do you think is the GM making these moves to help the team be better and in turn, making Law and McGinest BETTER?

    Law and McGinest, and Bruschi, were good players pre-Belichick, but much better once BB brought his formula here as a GM. He ditched bloated contracts like Lane's or Rucci's (and Bledsoe's) and be built a dynasty for crying out loud!

    Don't you get that the salary allocations on the market are key to bringing in MORE quality on a 53 man roster as opposed to just 1 or 2 pricey free agent splashes?

    For example: Miami Dolphins and Ravens this year will not be as good as people think. They swapped out too many starters all at once.

    See 2011 Packers or Eagles or 2012 Saints are examples.

    BB was building his base back through the draft in 2009, 2010 and 2011 because of the lockout.  Once he dealt Seymour in early Sept of 2009, that was the sign he was going through the draft to get his base back.

    You and other fans like you just didn't know how BB was going to do it or they weren't wanting to be patient. And, they were in the SB in SB 46!  Why? BB's brilliant coaching and patchwork maneuvering in the secondary, after GREAT FA moves and drafts! 13 points through 57 minutes is pretty darn good!  Thanks to Brady and Welker and later an out of gas D, the Pats go home losers.

    EVERY GM has misses. Every one. BB aruably has the LEAST!  Least! Many Pats fans have posted other supposed "great GMs" whiffs recently on the Pats board. Read it and weep.

    This is a media crusade to smear BB. Period.

    Don't take the bait.

    I am not looking at it black and white at all! You are, dude. You are. 


    From an outside view I see what both sides are saying. But if your going to insult someone for misspelling a word, you better make sure you havent done the same...I find it ironic and funny that you misspelled the word intelligence.


    "It is flat out insulting to my (and anyone's inteligence) to suggest BB hasn't been brilliant because anti-media heads who get paid to slam BB and drop in this rhetoric in the press."




    1. Clearly I'm typing very fast in these exchanges.

    2. He spelled "genious" incorrectly, TWICE. That's not a typo.


    Good day.

    I think you bring a good arguement and obviously know what your talking about. But you really need to lighten up a little with the way you are attacking Drew for his view. You dont have to agree, but it doesnt have to get to throwing insults about misspelling words. Thats a bit overboard. You come across more arrogant and self righteous, which takes away from the knowledge that you have.

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    Re: RED SOX vs Pats

    Hey Drew sorry you had to get caught up in  that crap.

    I still say most of Pats stars came from Drafts and BB used consistent quality FA to win.

    The RS seem IMO to be doing the same thing. Keeping their (hopefully stars) from drafts and filling in with good quality FAs.

    BTW BB IMHO is the best GM/HC since the cap era started. Keeping that team at the top every year is a feat that other teams are finding hard to duplicate. I also believe he has called all the shots since he came here.

    We can not say that about BC but if the RS continue to play like they have been the whole year the boys at the top might just stand aside.

    BTW I never ever said they won without stars as you know I was speaking of FAs in both the RS/Pats

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