Remy is a dog

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    Re: Remy is a dog

    Pike & Space,

    You got it!!!  :) :)   When Remy got sick, it just wasn't the same...  I was seriously doing some praying for the guy!  Gotta agree with you Space.  I like the corniness also!  I often have to turn the sound off when it's the other team's guys I have to listen to because the make it SOOOOOOOO dry!  NO PERSONALITY!!!  & God help us all when we have to listen to Joe Morgan & What's his name from ESPN or Fox.... Can't remember which one at the moment.
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    Re: Remy is a dog

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    I drive a UPS truck all day long through Queens and Staten Island and I either listen Sterling and Suzi or put on some good music on my CD player. I never put on talk radio since those idiots that call in are very upsetting to listen to. Francesa is fine but the callers are not.
    Posted by MikeyinQueens

    Yeah man, Suzy & Sterling make driving aorund the city enjoyable.  Nice and soothing.
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    Re: Remy is a dog

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    Has anyone noticed how much more enjoyable the games are without Remy? I don't wish him continued illness, but perhaps he can reduce the workload to 50-60 games and allow Eck, Gammons and others to fill in....I have enjoyed the tv broadcast much more without Remy !
    Posted by rkarp

    why would you call him a dog?? you are a jerk