Remy is a dog

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    Re: Remy is a dog

    Pike & Space,

    You got it!!!  :) :)   When Remy got sick, it just wasn't the same...  I was seriously doing some praying for the guy!  Gotta agree with you Space.  I like the corniness also!  I often have to turn the sound off when it's the other team's guys I have to listen to because the make it SOOOOOOOO dry!  NO PERSONALITY!!!  & God help us all when we have to listen to Joe Morgan & What's his name from ESPN or Fox.... Can't remember which one at the moment.
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    Re: Remy is a dog

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    [QUOTE]I drive a UPS truck all day long through Queens and Staten Island and I either listen Sterling and Suzi or put on some good music on my CD player. I never put on talk radio since those idiots that call in are very upsetting to listen to. Francesa is fine but the callers are not.
    Posted by MikeyinQueens[/QUOTE]

    Yeah man, Suzy & Sterling make driving aorund the city enjoyable.  Nice and soothing.
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    Re: Remy is a dog

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    [QUOTE]Has anyone noticed how much more enjoyable the games are without Remy? I don't wish him continued illness, but perhaps he can reduce the workload to 50-60 games and allow Eck, Gammons and others to fill in....I have enjoyed the tv broadcast much more without Remy !
    Posted by rkarp[/QUOTE]

    why would you call him a dog?? you are a jerk