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    Re: R.I.P. BILL-806

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    You really need to contact BDC directly and ask how long you have been suspended.

    You do have a software glitch but they have suspended you. Good thing about the glitch is we can read your posts...at least for now...on your page...the URL kindly provided by miscricket.



      Thank You..... Yes , I have been in contact with BDC .....  Waiting for the decision of length of time !!!!




    So glad you are in contact with BDC.  If you can, please post how long your suspension is.

    And btw, even though you do not agree you should have been suspended, I respect your decision to serve out your suspension rather then throw up a new screen name. To me that shows integrity.

    Look forward to your return.

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    Re: R.I.P. BILL-806

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    good riddance!!


    His home page is still there but it appears that his individual posts are gone, even on the threads of which he started.  Too bad, as much you don't like him, you could not let one of his posts go by unanswered. I guess when a team of people report a poster, BDC eventually gives in. 


    Good luck Bill


    As dad would say, "Son, when they ban you as Bill806, sign back on as Bill807".

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    Re: R.I.P. BILL-806

    Welcome back Bill-806!!! Enjoy the Bruins tonight and posting your thoughts afterward....posts we call all read.

    Glad you worked it out with BDC. 

    I noticed your situation because I have political forum friends who regularly post in the sports forums. Like most posters I have had software glitches...though not like yours...over the 2 years I have been posting on BDC.

    Actually am a big sports fan but you guys sometimes play rough. But, so do the political posters. So, may be after throughly geting caught up by the Herald as well as boston.com, I may try and play with you guys.