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Risk Aversion Ben

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    Re: Risk Aversion Ben

                                          Geo., Keep your fingers crossed. The phone might start ringing on Drew in the next day or two. 

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    Re: Risk Aversion Ben

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                                          Geo., Keep your fingers crossed. The phone might start ringing on Drew in the next day or two. 

    hit those homers Drew! LOL

    Paging Magic Johnson...

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    Re: Risk Aversion Ben

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                                           Geo., Ben waits for the phone to ring. He doesn't call first. He'll listen to proposals as put forth by others but won't initiate discussion with his proposal. He'll pickup a FA here and there, sign a DFA'ed player for minor league assignment but that's about all he's confident with right now. He can't be a trading partner with the CC in the Garza deal because Theo would dictate. If Garza is a bust here then Ben would be out of a job. He's not in an enviable position now but does have to get something done or have a plan moving forward for the remainder of the season. "We're going to work Workman into the starting rotation". O.K. not what I'd do ..," Uhehara is our Closer from here on out." Again, not what I'd do. "We'd like to secure a  power bat if one comes available". Unlikely as Texas will lose Nelson Cruz shortly in the Biogenesis deal and they will overpay for a power bat.( Ben call Texas and ask them if they'ed be interested in Napoli for a PTBNL or a minor leaguer no lower than AA). They're (4) games behind Oakland now and if they lose Cruz shortly you're in the drivers seat on this one. Pedal to the metal Ben, Get 'er done Cowboy!!


    So.... you criticize Ben's approach because it is not what you would do, and then suggest the Sox sould solve a need for a RHHby dealing Napoli to fill a void on another team caused by a suspension that won't happen until the offseason??



    I have never made this accusation before, but I think you're a closet Ranger fan

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    Re: Risk Aversion Ben

    I don't see Ben pulling the trigger on Drew---he had a nice game last night---he is what he is a streaky hitter and you want him for those streaks and his glove. That was a tough play last night with JJ running but we have grown accustomed to him making those tough plays.

    What do you get for him a PTBNL true and a little salary relief but you also get either WMB or Xman or Holt or perhaps Hassan who I felt was taking up space on the 40. This kid from the Boston area and I believe Duke. He may one day be the Sox Super, Super Sub and he's a RH bat.

    I see Ben waiting for the Bargain Basement to open Aug.1 and beyond and claim a player or two off waivers before the Sept. callups.

    If Workman has another strong game Tuesday and Rubby gives another 5 inning above average performance he may be the next pitcher brought up. The rotation isn't Rays Quality but not too bad. Lackey had a stinker last time out, Dempster wasn't bad--2 runs, Workman , pretty good, Doubie pretty darn good and Lester is showing signs the last couple of outings. We could use him big time today to keep us 1/2 game out with a mini-showdown tomorrow night with Price. I see we also get King Felix Thursday.

    If we can weather the storm until late Aug , and hopefully Buch's return, we may get a major shot in the arm.

    Look at your pen--who is JF relying on more and more? Ue, Breslow, Taz and Britton. Beato, Thornton and DeLaTorre---7 in the pen--I could see Rubby perhaps emerge in place of DLT if given the chance.

    Stay the course Ben--unless Carp could get you Norris--he's our 1 B next year and for a while.


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    Re: Risk Aversion Ben

                                                Notin, this is an opinion column. You write about what you like or dislike about the goings-on with the RS. You voice an opinion. I don't think I voiced an opinion on Napoli other than to have Ben call Jon Daniels in Texas and ask if they'ed be interested in Napoli. I don't share your opinion on Nelson Cruz because they already suspended Braun in season and equal treatment dictates Cruz should also go this season, if guilty. For the RS, dumping Napoli now could fetch them a player where as two months from now it's over anyway and no player. I'd let Carp stay  at 1B for the duration of this season. He's younger,healthier, faster, cheaper than Napoli and is LH'ed. That's how I see it .

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    Re: Risk Aversion Ben

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    In response to georom4's comment:


    Last year the Dodgers made the Sox an insane offer that Ben could not refuse (or anyone with an ounce of baseball sense)

    I am hoping that Ben doesnt play it safe and moves with some urgency to deal with Clay's lingering illness(es) and the lack of a bonafide 3 and 4 hitter

    I am not hopeful and think the postseason will slowly be lost if we dont take some corrective action....Thoughts?


    Agree........  The Tampa Bay series & last nights game makes it obvious that our pitching is not built for the playoffs, or for making a"run" for that matter !!!!


    Bill the opposition had an average of 3 runs in the games you mention.

    The RS SP is 4th in the AL and only a difference of 0.22 from first and are only one of two teams in the top 4 of both hitting and SP. The odd stat is that the other team is Detroit. And both have the same issue in RP being 10 and 11 in the AL