Roger C

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    Re: Roger C

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    When Clemens came back to baseball after his "annual" retirement crapola in 2007 with the Yankees instead of the Red Sox he got on my s@@t list and never got off.  He is a first class publicity hound and is always first and foremost always concerned about Roger Clemens.  He pretty much told his family to stuff it when they wanted him to stay retired after the 2006 season and now we see he is thinking of coming back again.  Good God, can't this bum realize that he has worn out his welcome mat in the game and that his lying and cheating is going to mar his reputation deep into the forseeable future.  He's not getting into the Hall of Fame and I only wish he could wind up in the slammer because anyone with any kind of a brain knows he was a druggie who lied under oath to a Congressional Committee.  The hell with him.

    Your anger stems from Roger's success after leaving Boston. Get over it. Showing up at Pesky's tribute was the right thing to do. As for his chances of entering the Hall I side with you for obvious reasons.

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    He's trying his best to get more people to like him.

    He wants to get in the Hall of Fame.

    I still despise him for the comment he made about Red Sox fans after the team won in 2004. Something about Sox fans being miserable all time and the championship would keep us happy for about 1 day. He could very easliy have said nothing , instead he took the opportunity to take a jab at the fans of a former team in a very unclassy way.

    I was rooting for the Astros in 2004 because I wanted the Red Sox to beat him in the World Series.

    I am still shocked that Clemens left the Red Sox for Toronto (of all teams) before the 1997 season.   

    Toronto had Pat Hentgen, Juan Guzman and Clemens,.............and the team still s*cked.  lol