Ryan Braun

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    Re: Ryan Braun

    In response to RedSoxKimmi's comment:

    "Ryan Braun did not "get off on a technicality." The chain of custody requirements are there for a reason: to ensure that the sample is reliable evidence. Failure to follow the chain of custody means the sample could have been tainted and/or deteriorated. The arbitrator found that MLB did not have enough reliable evidence to prove that Braun failed a drug test."

    I was willing to give Braun the benefit of the doubt, which is something I'm inclined to do in most situations where I don't have any inside knowledge.  Now that Braun's name has shown up in connection with the Miami clinic, it seems that he is indeed guilty.

    That said, as angry as it makes me to see seemingly guilty people get off on charges because proper procedure was not followed (more so in criminal cases than in MLB PED cases), as you said, the requirements are there for a reason and they must be followed.


    Braun and his lawyers took advantage of the law to side step his being suspended. They did not prove his innocence. They merely raised reasonable doubt about the integrity of the sample. It doesn't change the fact that he tested positive and his being connected with Biogenenics lab is proof positive that something's amiss. The shame in all it is that he's likely to walk away with little repurcussions and the cycle of deceit will continue.