Does anyone else think he may be back up with the club soon?

How easily we forget but many thought he was the next right fielder in Fenway.  Now that may not be true for the long haul, but I'm anticipating we see him very soon.  They have been moving him up the ladder quickly and just last night Kalish helped the Pawsox win.

He went 2-2 with a HR, 3 runs scored, 3 RBI's  and 3 walks.

If he looks to stay healthy and plays well in Boston that raises more questions.  Does someone go? Traded? or do we stick with Ross/Sweeny/Crawford/Ellsbury when everyone gets healthy (if).

The Red Sox have been loading up on outfielders liek Podsednik,Bryd and have brought up players like Nava and Lin and with Ellsbury and Crawfords return on the horizon it's obvious someone is losing their job.  

I think Ryan Kalish can have an impact on this team (if healthy)  I wonder if others are still excited for this kids career as I am.