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    Re: Saltalamacchia

    Salty has power when he does connect. The problem is that he has a huge hole in his swing that leads to many strikeouts. If he hasn't fixed it by now , I don't think he ever will. Behind the plate , he seems to be too big and not agile enough for his size. It appears that the player control issue is the only thing keeping Lavarnway in Pawtucket at this time.
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    Re: Saltalamacchia

    Theo loved a bargain. Let's face it. He loved to buy low. There is certainly a place for that and sometimes you strike rich ( Ortiz, for example?), but you can't expect to base an important starting slot on buying low. Shoppach is another example. Maybe he reverts to Cleveland days but Tampa is a pretty astute franchise and they passed on him for a $1 mil type contract without really having anyone ready to replace him. 

    We have bargain shopped for our catchers and we are likely to pay the price for it. Salty has that huge upper cut swing and he's predictable. Can't throw out runners well. No reason to think he's a rocket scientist in regards to CERA. He's an acceptable back up for a 2nd division team. He was last year and he is this year.
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    Re: Saltalamacchia

    Salty started slow last year, too, but from May through August averaged an .831 OPS.  At age 27, with another full year of team control, it's worth sticking with him.  

    I'm all for bringing up Lavarnway, but get rid of Shoppach - he doesn't bring anything to the table, and he's obvioiusly a rented player.  If Papi doesn't come back next year we're going to need both Lavarnway and Salty in the lineup.