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Saltalamachia interfered with by the ump last night?

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    Re: Saltalamachia interfered with by the ump last night?





    Thats what Im saying. He should have more experience in MiL before doing it in MLB. I think you can be ready to umpire in the field in MLB, but to call balls and strikes I believe you need a couple more years experience which should be done in the minors. He should know the rules too. Especially the incident that happened last night. Thats kind of an obvious interference rule.


    These umpires should be evaluated on a game by game basis.



    He's had years of experience at the pro level (yes, the minors are pro ball), more than most players who reach the majors.  He blew a call, nothing more, nothing less.  It happens.



    For all we know, he's the top rated AAA umpire.  The Sox needed to say something when it happened; chances are the other umps in the crew would have gotten together and gotten the call right.


    And no matter what, the ump rotation is the same.  When it's the vacationing/injured ump's turn behind the plate, the replacement ump is going there.  It's the way it works.

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