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SCHILLING: "I'm all in with the PIRATES, they will win the WS!" agree?

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    In response to CommyContrarianOnTwitter's comment:

    HE wasnt jokineither this mornin on espn. the other jab said payoffs as his bold prediction.. schill said i would go one step beyond and all in as he did with his gaming company... putting all my $ and reputation on the reliable pirates due to their power arms incl the always-clutch AJ BURNETT! sorry, at some point the pirates will remember who they r and that they are from pittsburgh after all (kinda like cleveland).. sox grasp what its like to b on top, been there, done that. since the yanks have ZERO shot, i'm sticking with the sawx objectively and as a fan! schill=shill!

    damn straight! the suprising totally focased 2013 Boston Red Sox are going to the big dance. Hammah has spoken. Smile

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    Well, at least there's no public money at stake if he's wrong about this one.

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    No way, no frig-gin way. The Cardinals are for real, and the Reds havent played their best baseball yet. Broxton, Marshall, and Ludwick on the way back soon. Dont be surprised if the Reds catch fire. But the Cardinals scare the heck out of me. Their SP has slipped a little, but they are still a threat.

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    In response to BurritoT-'s comment:

    If the Pirates had any ballz and wanted to finally serve their fans some respect they would try and aquire a bat like Carlos Gonzales. Imagine that and  then you could truly imagine the Pirates in the WS. Anything less than that and they might not even make the play-offs.

    Good pitching, they do need more lumber.