The Sox need to accept that this is not their season.  Even with the additional wild card, they do not compare to NY, Texas, LA Angels, and Detrot, to name a few teams.  I would think there may be a market for Becket.  Maybe the Dodgers would take him.  Bring up the kid (Iglesias) and see if he can handle SS.  Remember when Pedroia came up in 2006?  He didn't fare so well, but it certainly seemed to help in 2007.  Bring Kalish back up (or is he hurt again?) and have him platoon with Ross, or let him take over LF when Crawford loses interest and pulls a muscle.  Trade Shoppach and bring up the catcher (Lavarnway) to platoon with Salty.  These are not bold, season changing moves, but teams not in contention (like the Sox) need to look ahead and plan for 2013.  Maybe there is a market for players like Padilla and Albers as well.  This is what medioocre teams do...sell off players who do not have a long term future with the team.