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Send Iggy down for Drew? Really?

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    Re: Send Iggy down for Drew? Really?

    In response to softlaw2's comment:

    Drews defense has been what it been what we've seen this year. Solid and steady. For a SS, his 760-800 OPS is very good. He had very good splits with RH and LHP as well. Iggy will be hovering around the mendoza line for a BA and will struggle to get to a 300OBP. His SLG will be in the mid 300's.

    A little reality check.

    S. Drew's OPS the last two years: 2011 . 713 2012 .657

    2 injury years and incomplete seasons. As you will see this year, 750-800 is realistic, as I posted.

    He's never had an OPS .800 or better two years in row

    At least hes had 2 of them

    His current OPS is .746

    Almost there

    Let's not pretend that S. Drew is an .800 OPS guy

    Nobody is pretending anything. I said 750-800

    S. Drew has already missed 5 games since coming off the DL

    The trade off with Iggys defense and drews isnt so much of a game changer that it would make a difference. The 150 OPS points does. I wouldnt even hand the job to Iggy next year if he doesnt prove he can hit AAA pitching

    You are posing the same question as this winter. So I can only assume that your plan is another 10 million for S. Drew.

    If Iggy doesnt prove he can hit, I would have a competition next year, and yes, sign another 1yr SS. Not for 10M though. I dont care how good of a glove he has if hes going to be under 600 OPS. Hes currently at .568.

    I'll take Iglesias, age and cost, v. S. Drew age and cost and injury and recent work years history.

    With Iglesias, I know I"m getting the most talented SS defensive profile I can get for the dollar. I manage his weak plate work by making him a fixture in the #9 slot and having him sacrifice and encourange him to take a lot of 1 and 2 strike pitches even at the sake of a high called strike to BB ratio. I pinch hit for him in the latter innings when the team is trailing but still in the game.

    I agree with this approach for Iggy. Until he can learn to hit adiquately, he should be bunting a lot, sacrificing, and seeing a lot of pitches.

    You, on the other hand, offer someone like S. Drew about 10 million. You get a guy who strikes out plenty, and you get a guy in decline who has physical issues from age and injury. You get a guy who isn't more than a sub .800 OPS. You also get a guy who does not have great range and agility as an everyday SS profile.

    In his 7-8 years in MLB, Drew has struck out 109, 108, 100. the other 4-5 years have been under 100 times. He just turned 30 and has had one major injury (broken ankles). Before the injury he played over 150 games in 3 of the 4 prior years. Hes not showing any signs of decline from that one injury as we all can see with him running the bases and his solid fielding. He makes the plays because hes a smart player knowing the pitch, batter and proper positioning. He has sure hands.

    S. Drew, at his best, his nothing more than a marginal overall hitter. He's already a tweener case where he can easily lapse into a very weak hitter.

    It's a no brainer at 2M vs 10M

    We agree to disagree.

    Yes we do. But I enjoy a friendly back and forth.

    I'm putting the time and money into Iglesias, going forward. You are still in the last year state of mind thinking you need to spend 10 million to find another placeholder veteran SS.

    Just for this year, I thought it was good to have a vet placeholder. Not so much the 9.5M, but I'm not too concerned about that on a 1 yr deal. Hopefully Iggy gives them a reason so they wont have to consider it next year.

    If the Red Sox farm produces a better overall SS than Iglesias, they have a great value on an outstanding UIF'er in Iglesias. Either way, one of my biggest criticisms of this managment is that they vacillate and do not make plans and deicsions from a position of strength.

    This is what I think will end up happening.

    S. Drew epitmoizes why the Red Sox are not getting respectable value from the payroll. It matters because it affects flexibility. 

    If they were in trouble financially or at their limit like they were in 2012, then I would agree with the better value pick (Iggy). The Sox paid extra for players to take less years (Vic, Demp). Drew had a 2 year offer (Ill have to look for it, but I know he did) Sox offered 1.5M more than what he made in 2012 so he would take a 1 year make good deal after having 2 partial seasons due to injury. He'll sign somewhere else next year and hopefully Iggy's batting has improved. I think he could possibly be offered a QO too. Theres no reason to not like Drew because hes not your choice. He has good numbers for a SS, plays good defense and before his one big injury hes "showed up for work". The numbers say this, its just not my personal opinion. Its more of a value thing with you, which is fine. Its smart to get good value, but sometimes you have to pay more to fill a hole for a short time. Welcome to MLB.  Drew is a solid MLB SS with a few more years left (turned 30 in 3/13). Im pulling for Iggy and love his D, but cringe when I see a sub 600 OPS. I hope he proves me wrong.

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    Re: Send Iggy down for Drew? Really?

    In response to softlaw2's comment:

    It's not a personal dislike, it's a well founded professional dislike. I'm not impressed with his overall plate work, at all, and it's in-line with what I expected. I highly value defense from an everyday SS, so S. Drew is exactly what I knew he was, defensively. Ideally, he would be the UIF'er at a cost of about 2 to 3M a year, which is exaclty the role I wanted him moved into becuase he's on the payroll.

    We aggree to disagree, which is based on how we value the everyday SS skillset. However, the fact we can do so without getting reactionary and captiously petty is a virtue.

    Watching the revolving door at SS has been like minor torture, for me, as I want nothing less than top of their peers defensive talent at catcher, SS and CF.

    I'll close by saying that I continue to be impressed with the way Manager John handles the players he's given, alloting playing time and time off as needed.

    THIS, we can agree on 100%. We may differ on the players, but the fact is that these 3 very important poitions have been nothing more that the baseball version of musical chairs.

    I think with guys like JBJ, Iggy, Bogy, Marrero, Vasquez and lavarnway in the system, we have a very good chance at solidifying these positions for years to come. And although the Sox probably offered Vic one too many years, he can show JBJ the ropes for a year or 2. Hes overpaid, but the fact remains he plays the game hard and the right way.

    Agree on Farrell as well.