SF to Sweep Tigers ???

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    SF to Sweep Tigers ???

    AsSox fan first living in SF Bay area, I like local teams too.  I have hated the Yankees all my life(Lakers too as I'm an avid Celtic fan too)but maybe AROD who batted 3-25, .120 with no RBIs and was pulled might rid himself a bit of the stigma.

    Cabrera hit .330/44hr/139 RBis and Fielder .313/30hr/108RBis during the season. They are 3-19 with Cabrera 2-9,.222/1RBi and Fielder 1-10, .100/ no RBis. Amazing that Vegas, as they have the previous 3 games, have Detroit favored and SF is +1 1/2 runs. Maybe they figure the law of averages will kick in but SF has its best pitcher, Cain, going. I'd called it a "Pick Em" at best.

    One positive for Detroit is that Verlander, Amer League MVP & Cy Young winner, might be spared the ignominy of 2 losses in the World Series. Hmmmm...something about the Giants having Detroit's number. In Allstar Game Verlander gave up 5 runs in 1st and Sandoval hit a 3 run triple. Cain pitched 2 scoreless innings. Victory gave SF homefield and the 2 home-3 away-2 home format.

    Maybe Fielder might change his mind and some Knut Rockne "Rah Rah" couldn't hurt.

    I copy and paste: "The Giants held a spirited team meeting when facing elimination in the first round against the Cincinnati Reds. It doesn’t appear their World Series opponent will do the same. “That talk stuff is for ‘Hoosiers’ and the movies,” Fielder said. “That’s not real life.” If the Tigers change their mind and look to sports cinema for inspiration, they may want to watch “Miracle” instead. That’s the movie the Boston Red Sox screened before they rallied from a 3-0 deficit against New York in 2004 — the first, last, and only time that has happened in postseason baseball."

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    Re: SF to Sweep Tigers ???

    Sweep completed