Shane Victorino

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    Re: Shane Victorino

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    shane at 13 mil is bad, but drew II at ten million is mind bottling

    Mind bottling?  LOL ... now Geo, I may have come to a new understanding of you ...  

       If your mind is bottled even fairly often, it might indeed play havoc with your sensibilities.



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    Re: Shane Victorino

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    Old Shane has been a black hole in the WBC. Bragging on one hit doesn't change that fact.

    Last year is what Shane is, an old man with high miles that the Dodgers and Phillies kicked to the curb. He's a CF'er who is too old to play everyday CF anymore. For a CF'er, he's slow on the bases. He should be nothing more but a platoon/4th OF'er, but the Red Sox are paying him like he's one of the better OF'ers in all of baseball. Stupid.

    he is so slow on the bases but had 39 SB last season.... there's logic for ya


    And only 6 CS!  He's still an elite baserunner....of all the things to attack him on....oops, it's Stiffy.  Of course it makes no sense.

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    Re: Shane Victorino

    Wish we could go Ells LF / JBJ CF / SV RF /Gomes to DH. That would be the best lineup, but know it will not happen because RS will send JBJ down because of service time rules. Know many will say Ells should not be in LF, but he's out of here end of yr anyway what he going to do sulk and put up bad numbers? This would be RS best lineup for OD.

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    Re: Shane Victorino

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    Victorino the worst signing of the offseason considering the money .  He's gonna be hard to move to at 13 mil a year.  Poor choice for that amount of money.


    Agree rediculously insane contract for a player of this quality. The Red Sox are going to regret this disaster.  At best he is an 8 million dollar a year guy. that is at best 8 million over one year not 39 million over 3 years. Ben must have been smoking something to give him this type of money over that period of time.