simple victory MATH: Farrell > Leland, sox Fundamentals > tigers Fundamentals!

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    Re: simple victory MATH: Farrell > Leland, sox Fundamentals > tigers Fundamentals!

    I think Leyland has done a fine job in the ALCS given what he has, a weak bullpen.  He also has a tough choice between the slick fielding but weak hitting Iglesias and the good hitting but not so great fielding SS Peralta.  The Tigers beat us 1-0 and we beat them 1-0, and we won game 2 on a miracle dinger from Ortiz to tie a game that everyone thought was lost. 

    Hitting and pitching are the most essential fundamentals in the game, and the teams are very evenly matched there.  On the basepaths and in the field the Sox definitely have the edge--Ellsbury and Victorino in CF and RF and the overall Sox infield when Napoli is at 1B.  Catching about even.  LF probably about even. 

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    Re: simple victory MATH: Farrell > Leland, sox Fundamentals > tigers Fundamentals!

    In response to CommyContrarianOnTwitter's comment:

    loved tito but noone makes things easier on his guys with logic better than farrell.. couldnt grasp y tazawa was in there against cabrebra for instance.. but hearing Far explain it made perfect sense. he wanted to bust up miggy with power. taz dusts him off with 94-96 mile fastballs.. as as koji gets the last 4 outs. minus the fossilized hunter, that team has serious fundamental issues. if the catcher makes a better effort in channeling his inner Hunter and gets his body in basic position, he catches the popup and nap doesnt hit the HR! if fat boy fielder (ironic for he cant field).. prince fieldless is more like it channels his inner Hunter in getting that foul up by pushing off the women and kids, they win game 2.

    same with Perhalta on that throw that again mr. fieldless couldnt dig up that napoli certainly would have done, another game changer. ditto with their left-fielder (they have noone to make that gomes catch)..sox are strinking out a lot but u can see how the strategy is helping out in getting the schwerzers out of there by the 8th or 7th. yesterday, tigs came out swinging at everything by lack.. how did that work out? look at leland's use of the gasoline alley callled his bullpen.. he brings in Coke to get papi who he owns yesterday.. y wasnt he available in game 2? odds are papi's confidence is low esp with the likely first strike curve... classic belichickian.. tigs have the talent, have everything.. you give them farrell, they win. give them a few gomes, salts or cherington and they win..

    poor iggy. in our culture, he was a shiner.. goes to that shaky culture, he's back to jabro status!

    Might be a bit of an exaggeration here.  The sox were going to win game 2 once Papi hit his GS.  Missing the foul popup in the 9th just made it a little easier.