We can rebuild him, make him better than he was...and that's why he ought not to be traded, among other reasons; salary, paying 6M so another team can play him is just dumb, Youk can back up 3B,1B and DH. He gives Bobby a RH option when there is a too tough lefty for Ortiz and Especially A-Gon. Technically speaking, he can't hit any worse than he has, so increased productivity is a more likely outcome the rest of the way. He can play LF in a pinch, not a great idea, but it does offer some more flexibility in late inning games. Think about when WMB is sitting on the bench, the only position he can play is 3B, but Youk as a bench warmer can play 2 if not 3 positions, and as a veteran he can handle pinch hitting duties. Keep Youuuuuuk!