In response to tom-uk's comment:

We need you now more than ever. The little league posters are saturating the board with their "ideas" to improve the team. These are the same posters who wanted to give Elles a huge extension last winter... the same posters who wet their undies over signing Crawford, and the very same crowd who want now to regurgitate the past by bringing back Masterson, Sanchez, and Youk.

Softflaw's track record:

1. Cameron "great move" "should start in CF 2011" Ells about best player in MLB 2011  

2. Bill Hall "great athlete" Houston / SF cut him

3. Lugo was not a bust

4. Teixeira "superstar profile" Billy Butler out hit him over last 2 years

5. Crawford 2011 "I respect his work ethic" now "mallingerer"

6. Sign JUpton 2011, tanked in 2012

7. Lowrie "no pop" 2012 SS 4th in SLG

8 AGon "superstar profile" 2012 1B in wRC+ 21st in MLB

9 Henry "great investor"  fund closes after $2.5b pulled in 6 years