Some interesting info from Bill James

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    Some interesting info from Bill James

    Hey Bill, I was thinking a while ago (I know, I was shocked, too.) Anyway, I read a couple of years back something by Rany Jazayerli. He said that baseball players are second only to golfers at getting skin cancer. Him being a dermatologist he's probably right. He said that every Spring each player gets a physical and is checked for this. Do you know of any other conditions/diseases that baseball players are particularly prone to? Do you know how extensive the Spring physical is?
    Asked by: Steve N
    Answered: 5/26/2013
    Well. . .it's not exactly an answer to your question, but there's a guy in our office whose job is to co-ordinate medical treatment for the players, which means, among other things, running players down the street to Massachusetts general hospital for tests.    Somebody told me that last year his PARKING fees for the Mass General parking lot totalled about $8,000.    We examine players for everything all the time.   Major league teams give players extremely thorough physical examinations not once a year, but constantly.  .eye exams, hearing examinations, MRIs, strength tests, body fat tests; every examination some doctor can invent, we use.   
    I would assume that there are MANY medical conditions to which baseball players are particularly prone.   But, more than anything else in the game, medical tests and medical reports are covered by privacy laws, so we really do not and cannot talk about them in the office.    We only really know what we absolutely need to know.

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    Re: Some interesting info from Bill James

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