How to kill some time on a rainy night...

Exactly 1/3 of the season is in the books.  Sox sit at 28-26 and get a grade of C+ (could argue for B- considering injuries).  Same grade for Bobby V; he's done a good job with the makeshift lineups but isn't getting much at all from top starters.  As for the players, not taking salary or history as factors, only 2012 performance:

A = none
A- = Papi (gotta love the weight loss and hustle)
B+ = Atchison (so far, likely won't last), Doubront (No. 1 starter right now)
B = Aceves (closer's not his best role), Middlebrooks (nice start), Nava (amazing surprise), Sweeney (HRs overrated, solid average and GG defense), Pedroia (laser show not spectacular yet)
B- =Podsednik (too small sample size), Albers/Miller/Hill (3 steady relievers so far)
C+ = Aviles (better D than expected, lower average), Salty (frustrating potential), Ross (nice fit in Fens), Padilla (mainly steady), Morales (a bit shaky at times)
C = Shoppeck (ho hum), Youk (nice run after DL), Beckett (what do you expect in even year?), Lester (major disappointment, needs big outing v Birds tomorrow), Mortensen (he'll be back)
C- = Gonzalez (horrible productivity for 1B), Bard (and slipping, Joba II)
D+ =Byrd (soon to ex-Sox?), Ells (before injury, not the start expected after 2011)
D = Buchholz (up recently from F)
D- = none
F = Punto (small guy can't hit his weight), Melancon (ML time only)