God help me for saying so, but .........

We want him on this wall!  We need him on this wall.

Sometimes I hate the fact that I am so out of control superstitious about the Sox, but it just seems to be a part of my DNA. 

Talk me off the ledge, because I woke up with this really melancholy feeling.  Something's off with me & the Sox.  I need a sign!  Stiffy's absurd predictions always get me up for the game.  Knowing that he is always wrong always gives me that boost of confidence going into a game.  Game 2 just never felt right.  It was the first time in this post-season where I was not at all confident about a come from behind win.  Even after Papi's big time shot over the monster.

Give me somebody else to despise!  I'm having a hard time hating these Red Birds.  Come on Stiffy.   Please come back out of that hole you crawled into!