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Sox should DFA Wakefield

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    Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield

    I agree with the author of this thread. The Sox should DFA Tim Wastefield.

    The author of this thread was joking. I guess you agree and are joking as well? I guess that is what clowns do.

    Wastefield has been paid over 50 million dollars to throw the goofball. He hasn't had an ERA under 4 since 2002.

    1) It's not all about ERA.
    2) ERAs of over 4 and under 5 can be very helpful at the back of rotaion, especially in the AL. 

    Wastefield's career post season ERA 6.75  WHIP 1.472

    This isn't the post season, and not many teams pitch their 5th and 6th starters in the postseason anyway.

    His ERA since the last half of 2009 is over 5.

    Cherrypick the numbers that include him trying to return from a back injury (end of 2009) and his numbers right after back surgery in 2010 that included being jerked from starter to reliever 10 times. Why not go back 5 years (after he turned 41)? His numbers compare favorably to the average MLB 3 starter. Why not go by 2011 numbers where he obviously looks healthier than last year on the mound and fielding the ball?

    Go back to the start of 2009 and his ERA since then has been 4.84.

    Go back to 2008 and his ERA is 4.59. His WHIP is 1.29 (48th best out of MLB's top 150 IP pitchers since 2008: 300+ IP) He has a 4.52 tERA (86th in MLB out of 150 and close behind Buchholtz's 4.38.

    His post surgery numbers are (2010-2011):
    ERA: 5.00 (just behind Lackey's 4.96 and Dice-K's 4.81)
    tERA: 4.43 (just ahead of  Lackey's  4.46 & Dice-K 4.58)
    WHIP: 1.28 (tied with Beckett for 55th out of the top 150 IP pitchers)

    His current ERA is 4.26, which is so good that Miller, Doubrant, Aceves, Bowden and Wally couldn't possible have taken those innings and topped that brilliance in all those starts.

    They haven't.

    Why not look at Miller's ERA since mid 2009? Since his career began? Since whenever? If that was Wake letting up an HR to Hudson, you'd have screamed bloody murder. If that was Wale letting up 7 hits, 3 BBs and 3 ERs in 5.2 IP vs THE WEAKEST HITTING TEAM IN MLB, you'd have started 4 threads about it.

    Try being consistent with your chosen metrics. Stop using WHIP when it helps your case, then ERA for other players you want to hate & bash.

    Wastefield is currently on a pace to pitch less innings than he has in any season since 1992.

    Do you even look at the numbers before you spout your lies? Wake is on pace for 98 more IP this year. He was a reliever for much of the first 74 games, so one could expect more. He's on pace for about 139 IP. That is 10 more than 2009. After his next start, he will be on pace to pass 2010, 2006, and 1999's 140 IP season.

    He's on pace for more IP than Aceves, Miller, Doubront, Lackey and Dice-K as well.

    Aceves has never ever pitched more than 84 IP in a MLB season.
    In 6 major league baseball seasons, Miller has never piched more than 107 IP.
    Wake has never pitched less than 128 since his rookie season.
    He has more than 75 more IP than Dice-K since Dice-K joined the Sox.

    Again, when you choose a metric or stat to bash a player, use the same one to compare to those you want to replace him with.

    I wish they would pitch him more to expose his lack of fitness to warrant an active roster spot, in addititon to increasing the sample and expose the 5 plus ERA profile that is the essence of this waddling old duck. 

    You are getting your wish. He has pitched 6 straight starts with all over 5.1 IP and all but one over 6 IP.  6 starts in 29 days. You can now stop with the 10 days rest rant. They have given him more and more pitches per start and he has been fielding the position well this year. It's too bad you don't actually watch the games, because he looks way better this year running to 1st base than last year's back surgery recovery year.

    Wastefield is one of those pitchers that if facing a top team in a playoff or playoff late season race tipping point game, there is a guarantee he would get lit up. His goofball is like a spark near a gasoline tank. 

    I guess you gave up on the "he has faced weak offensive teams this year" argument after I schooled you. He has faced the average 11th place offensive team in MLB as a starter this year. Over the whole season, he has faced .500+ teams in 42.1 IP and just 20 IP vs belwo .500 teams.

    He doesn't look like he belongs out there because he doesn't belong out there. Bill Hall looked better in his small sample as a pitcher.

    Yes, we know. You want Lackey and his 7.26 ERA, Miller and his 4.76 ERA (5.82 career), or Doubront and his 6.75 ERA in a larger sample size than BHall's.

    Look at all the numbers, clown, not just your cherry-pickin bash stats.

    2011 starter numbers:
    Beck  1.86  (92IP)
    Buch  3.48  (82.2)
    Lest   3.70  (97.1)
    Lack  7.36  (62.1)
    Wake 4.14  (50.0)
    Miller 4.95  (5.2)
    Dice   4.95  (36.1)
    Acev  5.14  (21.0)
    Lack   7.36  (62.1)
    Beck  0.924
    Wake 1.140
    Lest   1.274
    Buch  1.294
    Dice   1.404
    Acev 1.571
    Lack  1.604
    Mill     1.765

    Yes, it's only 50 IP as a starter, but he has looked healthy and in control so far. If he pitches well another 50 innings then breaks down, what is lost? If he doesn't go over 120 IP: so what. If he is left off the playoff roster: so what.

    He can help us get to the playoffs by pitching as he has this year and knocking the opposing hitters off stride.

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    Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield

    Hey Softy, how is that steady diet of "Ells" rotten, dead crow working for you? Don't worry Troll, just like everything else in life, at some point soon, if you aren't already there, you'll begin to actually like rotten dead crow. There is so much more of it during the rest of the season for you to enjoy.
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    Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield

    This team would win more games if Wastefield was pitching for the Rays.

    Bellsbury is getting thrown out with great frequency, and continues to show he won't go for a very catchable ball if it means he can't brace himself for wall contract. He continues to play a deeper CF than a fan in the CF night bleachers. During the year away, pitchers are adjusting to this slap hitter with a career high OBP year in the Scutaro 2009 mold. If only he was as good as most Red Sox fans think he is, and he thinks he is, he would be better than Babe Ruth.  
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    Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield

    Softy is the king of puns. An unparalleled literary genius.
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    Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield

    In Response to Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield:
    I want to DFA this thread.
    Posted by dannycater

    Amen, bro.
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    Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield

    This team would win more games if Wastefield was pitching for the Rays

    That may be true, but I'm glad we have a guy named Wakefield on our team as our 6th starter. He has filled in better than any team in MLB could ever expect from their 6th starter.

    I'm not sure what "dumpster" softy could find a pitcher would could and would give us a 4.14 ERA and 1.140 WHIP from that slot.
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    Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield

       There's one back in receiving ... here where one might find Softy residing ....

         Long Grove Asylum ...... 

      I know, not true.  Long Grove is in the UK.
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    Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield


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    Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield

    Another poor outing by Lester/good outing by Wake, and Tim might pass Lester in the all-crucialERA category for starters. Then we'll have to consider a DFA for Lester...
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    Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield

    Moon ...your's is better ...caught him in the act!
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    Re: Sox should DFA Wakefield

    Maybe that's Theo dumpster diving for a pitcher who can do better than Wake, According to softy, they are everywhere.