Sox should follow Rays formula?

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    Re: Sox should follow Rays formula?

    Sox WS victories were largely the result of great FA signings and trades...not a build within program.  It will be interesting to see which direction the team takes now that they have been given a do over chance by the Dodgers. 

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    Re: Sox should follow Rays formula?

    First of all, Rangers's formula is a much better formula than the Rays.  Rays just have enough pitchers to carry themselves into the post season at the same time Rays have to make sure that either NY or Boston struggled with injuries and lack of starting pitchings. 

    If Boston, NYY and Rays are all a healthy teams in one of the year, Rays will be the odd team out at any year!!!  Look at 2009 season.  But with the newly wildcard spot created, Rays could still be lucky to grab the last spot for the postseason at any year.  

    Seriously, Rays do have some money to buy bats.  But instead, They signed Carlos Pena and Luke Scott.  Had they sign Prince Fielder and Cody Ross instead, they only increase their payroll by 10 to 13 million dollars plus their attendance will increase.  Then they would have a better chance to win it all this year.

    But right now this year, there are so many injuries like Yankees losing Nova and Pettitte to DL, Rangers lost two of their starting pitchers, Boston have the most injuries in MLB, etc.  Rays could still sneak by everyone by luck!
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    Re: Sox should follow Rays formula?

    "It will be exciting to find ways to complement that core of talent (we currently have). We've got to be smart in doing it. We can't just go and try to fill the void in one or two fell swoops. We've got to try to build a team and do it in a smart way and do it in a way that reflects what we believe in."

    Above is a quote from Cherington.  It sounds like what Theo said for years, that the Sox should strengthen the farm system and use FA and trades to get the right guys to fill the holes.   Again, I am prepared for a proper retooling, and I hope the Sox don't go out and throw good money after bad for a Josh Hamilton this winter.  Will they overpay for Ells?  I wonder, but now that CC is gone there is at least a chance that the Sox sign him.  
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    Re: Sox should follow Rays formula?

     I wouldn't mind having a manager like Joe Madden. I think he's one of the best in the Majors.
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    Re: Sox should follow Rays formula?

    Following a similar plan is what the Sox should do.  Let's not forget that they have money to spend if they need to.  What the Sox need to avoid doing is trading all their prospects for someone that the then have to spend all that money on anyway.  You end up with too much payroll locked in place and no young guys coming up.  

    What they need to do is draft smart (something they have done for quite a while) and allow the kids to develop.  Use the resources at their disposal to bring in the right kind of FA's to complement what they are trying to do.  Look at Josh Hamilton.  I would have no issue with them giving him a large contract, but with him being 31 I would be hesitant to go past 4 years (5 max) and someone undoubtably will.  

    They need to be fiscally responsible and allow players like Bradley, Boegerts, Iglesias, Kalish, Lavernway, Middlebrooks, and now De La Rosa and the other guy they got come up through the system.  That would give you a young base that covers 2B (Pedroia still has a lot of time left), SS (Iglesias), 3B (Middlebrooks), LF (Boegerts), CF (Bradley or Ellsbury), RF (Bradley if they keep Ellsbury) and C (Lavernway).  You also have Lester, Bucholt, Doubrant anchoring your staff.  Other than Ellsbury, Lester, Pedroia, and Bucholtz none of these players make a lot of money, leaving you to use the money they have available to cover 1B and a couple pitchers.
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    Re: Sox should follow Rays formula?

    lets not forget BP arms.

    but we definitely need pitching first, a 1st baseman second (swisher), then other holes afterwards.

    i like shields and wouldn't mind to see him in a sox uniform. but they still need another top of the rotation guy..