Sox will sign these players.

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    I believe the Sox will sign Ortiz, it will be a two year contract with a option for the 3rd year. It will be for 25 million with a 3rd year at 12 million. They will sign Roy Oswalt for two years at 22 million, and have a 3rd year option. The Sox will sign Carlos Beltran for two years also[although it could be for 3 three years, at about 13 million per year. Francisco Cordero is also a possibility, but I believe the Sox will Give the closer job to Bard, and move Aceves to the starting rotation, although he is probably more valuable to them as a set up man. If Oswalt is not signed, then Aceves diffentally moves to the rotation. The Sox should try and trade guys like Lowrie, Reddick, Bowden, Anderson, but don't really know how value they have. But they must get them out of the System and make way for younger players on the 40 man team. Just my thoughts.
    Posted by peanutandme

    I believe you're confusing the word will with should
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    Re: Sox will sign these players.

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    I agree that that price tag for Beltran is a bit high, but looking at his stats, he's a major improvement over J.D.Drew. ...but then again, Pee Wee Herman would be an improvement over Drew.
    Posted by ZILLAGOD

    Assuming that he hasn't lost his bicycle, he should be able to get to balls in the corner and in the gap easily.  Not sure about his arm, but I am positive that he would wear his knickers with the stirrups revealed all the way up to the arc of the sock.  If he could bring this back into the popular baseball fashion, that alone would be worth the signing ... not to mention that he could probably divert some of the scandal his way ... are there any xxx movie theaters left in the Boston area? 
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    Re: Sox will sign these players.

    Have to keep in mind that , for the most part , scoring runs was not a problem last year. Pitching was their downfall.  Now , Papelbon is gone.  The goal has to be improving the pitching , both starters and relievers.
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    Re: Sox will sign these players.

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    No No No , Please follow closely. Free up money letting Papi, Wake, Tek all walk. Use Lavarnway at DH, and backup catcher to Salty. Then Trade Youk, and some proespects for Gio Gonzalez, use  some  money and sign Cespedes! He will replace Papi's numbers for years to come and also give us the best arm in right since Dewey. Get a incentive laden deal for Gavin Floyd ( innings eater). Bring up some youth and groom them for the future to fill out some offensive role backup roles. J Lester G Gonzales J Beckett C Bucholtz G Floyd with Dice K, and Aceves both as long relief D Bard Closer of the future J Ellsbury Pedey Cespedes Agon C crawford                      A nice core to build around with some upcoming young talent
    Posted by LegendofBoston

    Yeah that's really smart...let's have the Sox pay humongous money and invest multiple years for a Cuban refugee who nobody knows whether he can hit major league pitching...and not only that but stick him in the 3-hole in the front of your best hitter.

    Roll the dice and hope the kid (if he even is a kid) can succeed in the guess is the pitching expertise in the AL East alone would be a significant upgrade to the pitchers he faced in Cuba...who are probably minor league single and double A.

    I love it also that Lavernway now is good enough, with a one successful game in Baltimore, to become the everyday DH? Do ya think that once teams put together a scouting report on him that we may find out if he is a major league caliber everyday player? If he serves the role of back-up catcher I am fine with having him on the team, but we're not expecting him to provide Big Papi type numbers as the DH?

    Oh yeah we just threw Youk's production out of the line-up too..what a great way of making a team strength into a possible team weakness by playing let's roll the dice and pray!!