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    Talked about rotation and Tampa vs Red Sox

    This is getting interesting.  Tampa is great and with Moore coming back, it could be better.  That said is he any more of a sure thing than Buchholz.  They have had a lot of DL time for their starters.  Moore, Hellickson and Price.  I don't mention Cobb because his circumstances are different than an arm or neck injury.  Price came back strong, Hellickson less so and we'll se about Moore (this is the second time).  Archer has done well, but will it continue?

    On the Red Sox side, the starters look good right now.  Small sample, only 8 games, but since the Saturday game against the Yankees, the only dog in the group was the Dempster game on Sunday.  Yes I know the Giants cannot hit worth a damn, but the Dodgers can. 

    The Red Sox just beat the hottest team in baseball in their yard two out of three.  In the series, the starters gave up 4 runs and 9 hits in 24 1/3 innings.  Not bad.  The Dodgers weren't just a hot team.  This run they have been on is one of the greatest in baseball history. Remember it was 42 of 50.  That was not a small sample. That was a third of the season.  Yes they have cooled down a little, but while the Sox were taking two of three from the Giants, the Dodgers won three of four albeit against Miami.


    As far as rotation.  Take Lackey, Lester and Peavy and you have three guys who give you a good chance to win.  Doubront has had his bad moments, but when was the last really bad game besides the Yankee game.  If Buchholz is even pretty good, that is a hell of a rotation one through five.  Then there is Dempster.  I know he hasn't been what was expected.  After all he was pegged to win 10-12 games based on his past.  That is not going to happen, because once Buchholz comes back, he won't get  the chance.  Still he has had some decent moments and he could be very helpful down the stretch.  It doesn't matter what he has done to this point.  It only matters what he does going forward.  Forget his overall stats.  They will not be good! He will be in the bullpen and that only makes them deeper.  He might be an emergency starter.  Let's not forget Workman.  he has done well as a starter, less so as a reliever.  He could be a good one.  Kind of reminds me of Lowe and Arroyo or Aceves with sanity.  Might not make the postseason roster.  Personally I would rather have the veteran Dempster, when it gets to that point. 

    Looking forward to the rest of the year.

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    Re: starters

    Well, Boston's starting pitchers are looking much better than they were all year along.   Only concern is their bats.  If they can hit like they did it against SF and LAD, they will win over sixty percent of the game.  Tampa is right now winning too many close games.  Some games may soon not favor them down the stretch of the season!