In Response to Re: Still no news on Clay?:
In Response to Re: Still no news on Clay? : I may have been mis-informed by listening to Remy and Don, but they gave me the impression that Francona was not exactly sure why Buch is still having issues. I hope I am wrong cause we certainly need him down the stretch. I will say that Miller has much promise filling in and I hope he remains in the rotation......just needs to work on his control.
Posted by Alibiike

While all parties seemed to be frustrated with Clay's slow progress intil recently, he seems to have turned a corner:  good bullpen session, no pain, Francona describing the ball as "exploding out of his hand ... as if he hadn't missed any time at all".  They are going to evaluate after light throwing session today, but he could jump into some rehab starts soon.

Agreed on Miller.  Great pick-up.