The most important pitch of any At Bat is, without question, the first pitch. Over the past week (some good, but mostly bad, days), I have made note of those pitches taken, or swung at, byt the Red Sox and the opponents. Because of 1) missed, or pulled back, bunt attempts, 2) hit-and-run siturations and 3) pitches wildly out of the strike zone, the results can't be real definitive.

But, for what it';s worth, the Red Sox players take "called strike ones" about five times as often as do their opponents. The Sox have had this "work the pitcher mentality" for a long time, and that has to be part of this. Some hitters (Pedroia and Ellsbury in particular) have done well in spite of this tendency. But, could they have done a lot better had they been more aggressive? I think so.

Bottom line: It is not an aggressive team, and when hitter after hitter gets in the hole---strike one. called, fouled off, strike two---it gets really tiresome. Then when some leadoff man for the Jays (hitting about .250) rockets the first pitch he sees into the parking lot, it becomes even more obvious.

Lets get more aggressive, guys.