Some quick things.

1-Fernandez reminds me of Hernandez.

2-The Red Sox will have 6 quality veteran starters returning next year. And potentially 5 starters beggining the season in AAA who are top 100 prospects. Crazy. Can you say tradeSSS?

3-The sanest thing Papelbon ever uttered was that the Phillies needed to begin rebuilding. The Phillies and Yankees are dying. Atleast I think the Yankees GM knows it. I predict Cashman jumps ship in the off season.

4-Speaking of ships, I think I will jump on the Pirates galley. They could win this whole thing. And have a strong foundation to continue to grow. Series...... Pirates vs. the AL East champs.

5-Remember the huge support for Clint Frasier in the draft. So far, Austin Meadows and Reece McGuire are off to better starts. I expect them to be the better players. Pirates!

6-Someone recently said something I totally agree with. Relief pitching is like fruit. When its ripe, trade it. Otherwise it will probably just rot. Can't believe there were not more relievers traded.

7-Last year, pretty much from the beggining of the season, watching Red Sox games was like torture. It felt like a chore. This year, I have not had that feeling a single game. Fun times that are only going to get better. So far, this has been a golden bridge of a season. A fun drive towards the future even if we lose the wild card game. BTW, Baltimore, Cleveland, Oakland and even Detroit are prefferable in the wild card game to Tampa Bay or Texas in a one game matchup.

8-I am a huge believer in the shift. One of the many reasons we are winning more this year. And a huge believer the best way to attack it is to push the ball into the open space every time you face it. EVERY TIME. Learn this skill people. BTW I hate the sacrafice bunt.

9-I still believe atleast 50% of baseball players in the bigs are using PED's. They are just taking less and taking it in a more timely fashion. One reason for the streakiness of some players.

10-Cliff Lee just missed his second start in a row. Hmmmmmm.

11-According to pythagorean, we have been lucky to the tune of ONE game. Baltimore last year was 11 games lucky. This year 3 games lucky. Sox have not been lucky this year.

12-Stephen Drew's OPS is only 37 points behind Pedey's.

13-If Ross doesn't come back and the Sox are not going to play Lavarnway, then bring up Daniel Butler, who is currently tearing the cover off the ball. Or trade for a catcher. Whether you like Salty or not, Salty everyday is suicide in the long run.

14-I am almost fearing walk off wins now. Somebody is gonna get hurt.Smile