Success yet?

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    Re: Success yet?

    It's been a successful season but they really need to get the top seed and get to the ALCS

    You don't lead the league in wins for most of the season and get knocked out right away


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    Re: Success yet?

    In response to pumpsie-green's comment:

    Inasmuch as the team achieved far more than I ever expected, its a success-and I expect that with our farm system producing pitchers with a high ceiling our future is also bright. However, I am greedy. I want a ring!



    Pumpsie ...  I happened to be looking at my profile and this thread caught my eye.   As I read through it, I couldn't help but think your greed has to be somewhat satisfied now.  :o) 

    I want another as I am sure you do, but we had a great one!

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    Re: Success yet?

    In response to kimsaysthis' comment:

    In response to SinceYaz's comment:


    I know there is a given among some of us on this board, and for many in life.  We just cannot enjoy a thing without knocking it down or dragging it through some mud (which, admittedly, can really be fun .... playing in the mud, that is{your imaginations engage here}).  Heck, I know some of us cannot enjoy anything, no matter how well things are going.  So I realize for you, even winning the World Series won't be enough.  You will surely say that there isn't a chance we won't do it again next year ... but fast forwarding to this time next year and being on the verge of another WS crown, you won't be happy, even if we do repeat.  You will only be sure to point out we won't "3peat."  But, eliminating that helpless and sad crowd ...


    Is this season a success yet?

    I want to win the World Series and am surprisingly sure this team is more than capable in doing just that.

    OBF says we have to win at least one post season game to make it a real success.  And a part of me agrees with him that it would leave a bad taste if we were swept out of the PS.

    But from Hellhouse, Bobby's Broken Experiment, last place 69 win season ... to this entire improbable but incredibly enjoyable season and team ...

        even in Boston ... cannot we say this has been a success?




    Congrats, Boston Red Sox, American League East Division Champions!!!!


       during a bridge year, no less...



    So sweet. This season was expected to be bad, but posters like you and I NEVER see it that way. Glad you're here to balance it out amongst realists and doom and gloomers. How cool is it that nothing was expected, and everything can happen! Loving this season, loving these guys and it's all good to me.


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    As the Great One would say, "How sweet it is!"  Still.  :o)