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Sweeny let go

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    Re: Sweeny let go

    Sweeney might have hurt his chances when he broke his hand last year.  I figure if it annoyed me, it probably annoyed the FO.

    I think the current alignment will almost certainly call for JBJ in LF, and Gomes/Nava splitting DH duties, with Carp as backup to all of those.  I just don't see how Sweeney helps.

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    Re: Sweeny let go

    Although Sweeney has excellent defense, I believe they liked Carps ability to play OF/1b and having more power potential. They have plenty of good defense in their OF now, with Bradley Jr. heading to NY with the team. If Lester is on, this should be the quick start the Sox need this year...

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    Re: Sweeny let go

    Sweeney's best hit as a sox player was that wall he smacked...another terrible Ben move...he can now stand beside the great lillibridge as Ben's most useless and time consuming GM moment

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    Re: Sweeny let go

                                                Geo, I'm going for (2) KC games next month up from (1) with the reduced beer/dog package. No Sweeney?, this is truly a breakthrough moment for the Sox. I'm showing appreciation by going to (2) KC games in April for this roster move. Last year, the second of only two trips to the Fen, I caught a Nationals game. As the fates would have it, now ex-soxer RS was in RF, perhaps for defensive purposes. Bryce Harper was on 1st. top 7th or 8th. in a tie game. Next guy up hits a medium speed ground ball to RF'er Ryan Sweeney. I know Harper is going for third base, even though the ball is hit in front of Sweeney. Sweeney makes a clean play on the ball and over throws the cutoff man, (DP), the ball is rolling toward the infield until Gone like in A-Gon picks it up an throws home, too late to get Harper. Final score 4-3 Nats. I looked in the dugout to see BV's reaction but he had his back turned. .....I'm rooting hard for JBJ to start on opening day for this reason.I haven't seen him play in person, I caught him a couple of times in ST games and I've read the papers. I'm so excited at the prospect of not having to see guys like Sweeney, Nava,Kalish, Sutton,Spears,Repko ad infinitum, that I'm willing to go to the second of 2 games against KC so that I can see this kid who I've never seen, or seen very little of, if he starts the first game I'll have seen him a little. Imagine  what an experience it will be for him. ......... 4/1/13, Opening Day, Yankee Stadium .....have a game for yourself kid. Make us proud.

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    Re: Sweeny let go

    Could Sweeney come back to haunt the Sox, a la Reddick?

    This kid will make a very good player for some team somewhere.

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