Swihart getting hot!

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    Swihart getting hot!

    The latest prospect to emerge from Salem is catching prospect Blake Swihart. Does this guy run like a catcher to you?


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    Re: Swihart getting hot!

    Swihart does not have the typical catchers frame, rather he is much more athletic.  Some people may say he moves off the position, but I think he can stick.  Catchers with athletic frames my be a new phenomena in baseball; e.g. Buster Posey. 

    He hits over .400 with men on base.  Also I remember hearing he had only started switch hitting recently.  He's only been switch hitting for something like 2-3 years and his splits look good.  

    He also seems too have the opposite tools of the typical Red Sox draftee.  I feel like they take a lot of defensive minded players who have tools and a chance to hit: Jackie Bradley, Devon Marrero, Jose Iglesias (I realize he sent a draftee)

    Swihart was considered one of the top high school hitters of the 2011 draft, the sox felt they could develop him defensively.  Like switch hitting, Swihart didnt start catching full time until AFTER the Sox drafted him.  Catchers take longer to develop, or so they say, but I can see swihart knocking on the door by 2015.