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Tex hurt- Yankee devastation continues.

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    Re: Tex hurt- Yankee devastation continues.

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    And Robertson had a stiff neck last night.

    The end is near cancel the season regroup and come back in 2014.


          "regroup and come back in 2014"


              Great plan.

             Aging players will be a year older.

            Hal's budget will be smaller.

            Oh yea, I forget. Great yankee prospects will save the day. My bad.







    do other teams age?


    Sure they do.


    But, how many other teams have a 43 year old closer?

    Or a 39 year old SS?

    Hey, they could both come back and not miss a step.

    But, a discussion of the possiblity that the clock may have run out isn't allowed?



    What you fail to mention is that those two players are two of the best who have ever played the game and both are first round hall of famers.

    And how many teams have two players on par with those two meaning experience, age and quality?

    5 rings apiece? 7 World Series appearances?

    As if either one was a free agent that teams would not be lining up to sign either of the two.

    Dodgers would first in line.



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    Re: Tex hurt- Yankee devastation continues.

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    1. Gloating over the Yankees struggles tend to be a naive hobby as they have shown themselves willing to make moves until they get their team right. 

    2. What does the Yankees issues have to do with our season? I get the feeling if the Yankees finish last in the AL East and we finish next to last that would be good enough for you. 

    p.s. David Ortiz, a key to our offense being above average, is struggling with injuries. Our starting pitchers have had a heck of a time staying healthy in recent years. 

    Why you would mock another team for injuries is beyond me, even if you are trolling. 


    I can't speak for Smiley, and I certainly hope for a Red Sox playoff appearance or better, but still, I'll take what I can get as a fan.  As pathetic as it may seem, I'd still gloat if the Sox finished fourth and the Yankees fifth.  



    It's been a while (nee 2007) since you gloated then. Keep in mind Smiley said this last yr (Recall the standings), and before that. This yr, he may be right. NYY look awful.



    The Yankees finished ahead of the Sox in 2008?


    News to me...

    Always in such a rush to save the Yankees from the mean Sox fans....


    Agreed, my mistake.


    One of many!

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    Re: Tex hurt- Yankee devastation continues.

    Welcome to Camp MRI :)