Ellsbury - If he comes off the DL before the trade deadline and puts up a short stint of decent numbers, he should be the #1 trade bait in the Absolute Trade List Pool being solicited to all GM's. Crawford will be due back around the same time and already has the stupid GM sucker contract. The Red Sox have no need to be paying nearly 30 million a year for these two guys, and that will go to nearly 40 million a year in 2014. The Red Sox have Kalish and Bradley, Jr. and need to get rid of the pretzel whose entire 5 year everyday depth chart position player career on loser teams. Ellsbury and Crawford were not fits and Inepstein planned on trading Ellsbury when he foolishly gave the contract that Ellsbury is seeking, to Crawford.

Red Sox need a Kemp (too late) J. Upton (perfect time to seek him) profile to go with Crawbust. J. Upton is off to a career worst start (perfect time to seek him). Dumpster profiles Ross and Sweeney can finish this season with Kalish and Mac in the 2012 OF. In 2013, based upon how Kalish does, the Red Sox can decide what to look for in the winter market for the final outfield slot next to Crawford and J. Upton.  (If Ellsbury decides to take the entire 2012 season off to get ready for his contract year of 2013, trade him this winter)

Salty - This guy is a butcher. Shoppach is playing like he doesn't have a contract next year and is more than adequate defensive catcher. Shoppach is hitting above his seasons, but can serve as a starter if he keeps hitting well or a solid backup if he doesn't. Salty has the slugging numbers and current labor cost and future contract flexibility to attract many GM's who need a starter, due to injury, or poor performance from current catchers on the roster.

Salty's trade value will be quite decent and this notion that "we need a lefty to compliment a righty Shoppach" is absolute nonsense because of current roster construction, venue, current splits and Salty creating more runs given up than produced!!!!!!!!!!

Salty's trade value wiill never be higher

Salty will never be able to field the position well enough and the position is primarily a run prevention position for reasons that have nothing to do with the nonsnese called CERA 

Split the last half of the season with Shoppach and Lavarnway, and go into the 2013 FA market for the best value experienced defensive capable catcher and see where Lavarnway is and Ortiz FA contract is on whether to resign a profile like Shoppach to a short term deal (don't bean count using "needs to play everyday another month or so until AAA season is over and/or need to postpone his FA date) 

Aviles - This guy is a butcher in a defensive position. He is not the offensive fit answer at all!!!!!!! He carries a minor league OBP and has potemkin SLG due to park factor. His labor costs are cheap and he offers future cost flexibility. A lot of GM's who have an injury will be interested in him as a utility or temporary middle of the infield starter to fill in for an injured middle infielder.  Aviles is a career utility dumspter career profile who doesn't fit the Red Sox except as a UIF'er. Aviles should have been the UIF'er choice, but management went and signed Punto. But since Aviles has some trade value and who the UIF'er is less important than the net from trading Aviles, Aviles should be in the trade pool being solicited to every GM.

Play the last half of the season with Iglesias as the everyday SS and go into the 2013 FA and trade market based upon how Iglesias does. Iglesias will handle the position well, defensively, and most certainly won't have any problem competing with Aviles minor league OBP. As for the slugging, Iglesias will provide a higher net run differential than Aviles. Do not bean count on this move.

Farm Pool:

Every Red Sox prospect should be available in the trade pool except:

Middlebrooks & Iglesias will be everyday position players for remainder of 2012
Bradley, Jr.


I saved Youk for last because he has no substantial trade value, alone. There was no reason to pitifully try and shop Youk as it would not have netted anything. But since Cherry has done it, Youk has responded by pressing more. They should have platooned Youk in the smallest OF slot, but it's too late now. Cherry has been comprimsing winning games by foolishly putting Youk in the middle of the lineup and absurdly putting 150 million owed AGon in the OF!!!!! Henry needs to fire Cherry for that, alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a package, Youk will interest some GM's who need a platoon profile player who they have the flexiblity to drop off the books at year end.

The Red Sox are, of course, not dead, in early June! LMAO! Status quo, like the annual pretender teams like the Rays, the Red Sox are not championship contenders even if they do get into the expanded playoff field.

So, here's the absolute Trade List Pool:

Ellsbury (Winter if he decides to take another year off)

Entire Farm except:

Bradley, Jr.

#1 Present and Future Need: Young Star RH OF'er (Immediate Contenders)

Trading 3 or 4 or 5 from the trade pool will get what the Red Sox need